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Products - January 2003

Version 13.00 Software
Chyron has released Version 13.00 software for its iNFiNiT! line of character generators. Version 13.00 will feature Lyric MC, a Windows application for off-line editing of iNFiNiT! family messages, which is based on Lyric. Another new feature is a demo version of the NewsCrawl ticker application. Using the iNFiNiT! familys Serial Crawl capabilities, NewsCrawl automates the gathering of information from many sources, such as automated news/sports/ financial feeds, file servers, serial ports, Web pages, internal databases, and manual keyboard entry.
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HL-60W Digital Camera
Ikegami has introduced the new HL-60W full digital camera. The switchable 16:9/ 4:3 HL-60W brings about the debut of the 3-chip AIT 520,000-pixel CCD, and uses Ikegamis latest DSP ASIC with a 0.18 micron design, in an SD camera. Featuring 38-bit internal processing, 65dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 750 TVL resolution, high sensitivity of f11, and low vertical smear of -135dB, the HL-60W realizes high performance and specifications.

JVC Professional Products has released the BR-DV3000U VTR. It supports all sizes of DV and DVCam tapes without an adapter and records and plays back both NTSC and PAL video standards. Its IEEE-compatibility, RS-422A interface, and optional RM-G30U wired remote provide industry standard control for use in NLE suites as a program feed and record deck. The longer recording capability and higher quality of the large DV cassettes allows the BR-DV3000U to archive several digital masters on one tape for economical storage. Using LA-DV276PRO cassettes, more than 4.5 hours of recording time may be obtained.

dpsVelocityQ NLE System
Leitch Technology is shipping the dpsVelocityQ, a realtime, multistream, nonlinear editing system. It combines the dpsQuattrus multilayer, realtime, nonlinear editing hardware with an enhanced version of the dpsVelocity software to create a fully integrated, multilayer NLE solution. Features include mixable uncompressed and compressed video, and realtime simultaneous playback of four video streams and six graphics layers.

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company has announced that its D-5 HD multiformat/multistandard mastering VTR, the AJ-HD3700, has been enhanced with new capabilities. The AJ-HD3700A VTR can record and play back both 625 PAL and 525 NTSC D-5 cassettes as well as D-5 tapes from all previous versions of this production machine. The AJ-HD3700A provides full resolution, 4:2:2 digital, 10-bit component recording with 74.25 MHz (Y) and 37.125 MHz (Pb/Pr) sampling in HD formats.
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Servo-Controlled Pan/Tilt Heads
Telemetrics recently released a new line of servo-controlled pan/tilt heads, which deliver more than twice the speed and three times more accuracy than previous models. The new PT-CP-S2, PT-LP-S2, and PT-HP-S2 pan/tilt heads come with a new Virtual Studio Option (except for the PT-CP-S2) with precision feedback accuracy to integrate into virtual studio applications. They can be controlled through RS-232 or RS-422 protocol with direct lens and camera interface connectors for camera and lens control functions.

Home Viewing Act
Sony DSR-PDX10 Camcorder
Since most television professionals cringe at the thought of using a 1-chip camcorder at home, this palmcorder with three 1/4.7-inch (0.21-inch) chips might be the ticket. Built by Sonys consumer division, the DSR-PDX10 is a professional DVCAM camcorder that also records in Mini-DV format. Its CCDs are 16:9 native with 1,070,000 pixels each (using 690,000 for 16:9 and 4:3 and 1 million for 640 x 480 stills). The PDX10 features IEEE-1394 (i.LINK), USB, Memory Stick, a professional XLR audio mount, and a host of other goodies such as touch-screen focusing (see for a review from its December issue).
MSRP: $3,100

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