Products- February 2003 Issue

Broadcast Systems Planner
Andrew has introduced the latest version of its broadcast system planning software, the Andrew Broadcast Systems Planner (ABSP). It helps system designers plan television broadcast antenna systems. The new ABSP is available free of charge and gives users a much greater degree of freedom to design their broadcast system to fit their application.

Wonky Wheels Dolly
Cinekinetic has released Wonky Wheels, a lightweight steering dolly capable of supporting loads of up to 450 pounds. It gives cinematographers a choice of programmable straight, crabbed, locked, and freewheeling turns and is available with two different platforms. Combined with the Sawed Board, it functions equally well as a tracking dolly. For tight places and doorways Cinekinetic offers the optional Wonk Board.

Network Electronics
VD1616RC Router
Network Electronics has launched the latest generation of its popular VD1616 Serial Digital Router, the VD1616RC. It features reductions in low power consumption and provides 540-Mbps bandwidth and improved input equalizing/output re-clocking via the latest available chip technology. The non re-clocking version, VD1616NRC, will still be available in Network Electronics VikinX product range.

Book Smart: Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces
By Charles Poynton