PRODUCT REVIEWS - Feb 2002 Issue - TvTechnology

PRODUCT REVIEWS - Feb 2002 Issue

AgileVision Active Rate control feature AgileVision recently added a new feature to its AGV-1000 broadcasting and centralcasting solution, the Active Rate control feature. It enables a user to actively specify and multiplex a live, already compressed SD and HD program down the same ATSC digital TV pipe, in realtim
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Active Rate control feature

AgileVision recently added a new feature to its AGV-1000 broadcasting and centralcasting solution, the Active Rate control feature. It enables a user to actively specify and multiplex a live, already compressed SD and HD program down the same ATSC digital TV pipe, in realtime. Broadcasters can transmit compressed SD and HD programming simultaneously, or transmit five SD programs on their DTV channel or reserve bandwidth for guaranteed availability downstream, without decoding and re-encoding the transport stream. The AGV-1000 is a software-based system that manipulates and stores emission-level MPEG signals entirely within the compressed domain.


V-Matrix matrix switcher

ALTINEX has released its new V-Matrix matrix switcher, which is based on a design concept that provides complete modularity through the use of independent elements for its housing enclosure, matrix router, input, and output cards. V-Matrix is capable of configurations from 8 x 8 to 128 x 128, handling signals ranging from audio to composite video to high-bandwidth RGBHV. The main feature of the switcher is a removable/ replaceable component called the Matrix Engine, which handles all of the electrical routing internally. Each enclosure can accommodate multiple signal types, and multiple enclosures can be ãgangedä to handle more complex signal switching.

ALTINEX www.altinex.com

Aphex Systems
Aphex 204 aural exciter

Aphex Systems has released its newest aural exciter, the Aphex 204. The 204 features the new Optical Big Bottom for enhanced low-end response, two independent channels, internal power supply, XLR and 1/4-inch input and output connectors; and updated circuitry for improved overall sound quality and user flexibility. It is applicable not only for sound recording and mixing, but also television broadcast and production. The 204 includes operator controls with a custom light-dependent resistor as the gain-control element.

Aphex Systems www.aphex.com

New wireless and distribution systems

Audio-Technica has brought out a number of new RF cables, UHF antennas, and UHF distribution systems designed to work with A-T and other manufacturersâ wireless systems operating in the 600- or 700-MHz range. The first of the new accessories are the ATW-DA600 and ATW-DA700 UHF antenna distribution systems. Both systems provide two 1-in, 4-out RF channels for connecting a pair of antennas to up to four diversity receivers. The ATW-A62P and ATW-A72P UHF-powered dipole antennas have also been added the companyâs line of A-T wireless accessories. Operating in the 600 MHz range and the 700 MHz range, each set of antennas comes standard with 5/8-inch-27 thread mounting hardware for permanent wall-mount installation or attaching to a microphone stand.

Audio-Technica www.audio-technica.com

Aved Electronics
Coaxial/Triaxial Cable Assemblies

Aved Electronics recently introduced its custom-manufactured, flexible coaxial and triaxial cable assemblies. The assemblies are manufactured to specification utilizing fully-programmable cutting, stripping, and connectorizing equipment to achieve uniform MIL-Spec quality. Assemblies also feature TFE or PVC jackets, various insulation materials, and water-tight construction. They are available with connector types such as BNC, TNC, SMA, and N.

Aved Electronics www.aved.com

Bomar Interconnect Products
HD panel adapters

Bomar Interconnect Products recently added high definition BNC-isolated panel adapters to its line of connectors and accessories for RF, video, and broadcast transmission. The new adapters, which are the first offering in the companyâs new HBC series of high definition digital adapters, have a proprietary contact and internal insular design. The 75 ohm units connect to male cables through a panel, and feature 3-GHz bandwidth for HDTV RF requirements. They are designed primarily for RF applications.

Bomar Interconnect Products www.bomarinterconnect.com

CVR-4000 digital video recorder

CacheVision has announced the companyâs first OEM digital video recorder (DVR) consumer device targeted at cable operators looking to enter the DVR market and make available additional value-added services to their subscribers. The new CVR-4000 recorder is compatible with cable-ready televisions and analog and digital set-top boxes. The device provides a platform for DVR functionality and other personalized media services, including subscription VOD, interactive television services, targeted advertisements, personalized news programs, t-commerce, digital audio jukeboxes, and various other personalized entertainment services. Interoperability with set-top boxes and televisions is handled via connections located on the back of the recorder with RF, composite video, S-video, and audio options.

CacheVision www.cachevision.com


Specialties Digital Fiberlink 3440 series
Communications Specialties has brought out its Pure Digital Fiberlink 3440 series, which provides all digital processing and transmission for video and four channels of audio over one fiber. Available in single mode and multimode versions, the 3440âs video channel is compatible with NTSC, PAL, or SECAM standards. Users can configure the four-line level audio channels to have either balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs. The systems consist of two units (transmitter and receiver), each equipped with indicator LEDs to continuously indicate the presence of power as well as video and audio signals. The power supply allows operation from low voltage AC and DC sources. The system can be freestanding or rack-mounted.

Communications Specialties


Crystal Vision
SW808 modular routing switchz
Crystal Vision recently brought to market its new modular routing switch, the SW808. The 100 mm x 266 mm SDI module, which is ASI compatible, can be used to send particular feeds to particular places÷eight inputs can be routed to any of the eight outputs, with two feeds of each. Timing information is provided by both SDI and blackburst references, allowing the router to switch in the vertical blanking interval to avoid picture disturbance. The SW808 can be used with two frame rear modules, depending on how many outputs are required. The RM19 should be used to access all eight outputs, and takes up four of the 12 slots in a 2U frame for one SW808÷therefore allowing three routing switches in 2U, or one SW808 plus another eight boards from the Crystal Vision range.

Crystal Vision www.crystalvis.com

Digital Voodoo
Iridium HD card
Digital Voodoo recently introduced its Iridium HD high definition, output-only broadcast design card. The Iridium HD features two 10-bit broadcast SDI outputs and is designed specifically for broadcast designers and graphic artists looking to be able to view their work in high definition via SDI. The card is compatible with all HD design applications for the Macintosh, and allows users to work with uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual-link video directly in YUV colorspace. Other features include fully-digital SMPTE 292/296 10-bit SDI output, realtime uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime playback without any kind of video compression, ability to operate with either 1080i or 720p television systems, and video genlock.

Digital Voodoo www.digitalvoodoo.ne

smoke 5 nonlinear editing and finishing system
Discreet has begun shipment of its smoke 5, the newest version of its realtime HD nonlinear editing and finishing system. New features in smoke 5 include improved import support for the Open Media Framework Interchange (OMF) files, new precision time-lined-based multimaster editing capabilities, and extended integration with Discreetâs professional effects systems, including inferno, flame, flint- and combustion.

Discreet http://www.discreet.com

CLARO automation system
Harris has begun shipment of its new CLARO, a single-channel, value-priced software system solution for commercial and program automation. It was developed as a complete automation package for stations with fixed automation needs and a limited number of devices to control. It is a fully contained system, based on the companyâs ADC series for larger stations. Its features include a single client workstation for on-air control and preparation of content; a device server that can control standard video servers, tape machines, and switchers; and the companyâs ãdrag and dropä user interface that allows users to make changes seconds before airtime. CLARO supports the Grass Valley Group, Leitch, Omneon, Pinnacle Systems, SeaChange, and Sony video servers.

Harris http://www.harris.com

Helix/HiTemp Cables
DBC Broadband Cable
Helix/HiTemp Cables, a Draka USA company, has brought out a new high speed, low-loss, 50 Ohm RF coaxial cable for use in digital TV, broadband, and wireless communications systems. Draka DBC broadband cables feature a proprietary polyolefin insulation system, with gas injected foam compounds, resulting in up to 87 percent signal velocity and attenuation. The cables are available in sizes 0.01 inches to 0.6 inches O.D. Versions are offered for indoor, outdoor, and plenum installations.

Helix/HiTemp Cables (Draka USA) www.drakausa.com

Integrator EX series
Leitch has introduced its new Integrator EX series of distribution amplifiers to the market, which enable the distribution and amplification of analog or digital audio and video signals. The EX series DAs provide distribution and amplification for up to 16 digital audio/video or analog video signals, with one module, the INT-EX1x2, featuring two identical outputs per input in a 1 RU frame and another module, the INT-EX1x4, featuring one looping input and four identical outputs per input in a 2 RU frame. EX DAs can be mounted at the back of a rack, and are designed for space-critical environments, as well as for use in the expansion of Integrator routers to produce large, distributed routing systems.

Leitch http://www.leitch.com

B2000 mixing console
Midas has branched out into the broadcast market, having recently teamed with Telex Communications to create the B2000, an analog mixing console for the broadcast segment. Designed specifically for TV studios and mobile video production, the B2000 supports all current broadcast standards, including mixing in mono, stereo, or surround (5.1 or 7.1). It is available in frame sizes from 24 to a maximum of 72 channels with the master section located either in the center, left, or right side of the console. The board can also be customized with any combination of mono or stereo input modules according to user specification. Other features include six aux busses, eight mix minus busses for news talent feeds, and eight stereo subgroups.

Midas www.midasconsoles.com

Prime Image
Digital 50 III time base corrector/video synchronizer
Prime Image has added a digital version of its Model 50 II time base corrector/video synchronizer to its line, the Digital 50 III time base corrector/video synchronizer. The Digital 50 III, which is fully digital in processing and operation, has three inputs, D1, analog component, and analog composite. Other features include full proc amp control on all inputs, freeze control for either field or frame, and a full-time or selectable composite color bar generator.

Prime Image www.primeimageinc.com

Codico IVG-6100 platform
Scopus has brought out the new Codico IVG-6100 platform to address the market for broadcast services and applications over broadband networks. It enables the delivery of broadcast quality digital video broadcasting MPEG-2 content over broadband IP networks by converting content transmissions to IP. Broadband network infrastructures accommodated by the IVG-6100 include xDSL, WLL, and LAN. Broadband networks accommodated include SDH and ATM.

Scopus www.scopus.com

WL51 series
Shureâs latest addition to its line of subminiature lavalier microphones is the WL51 series, a product group comprising five new models. Each WL51 is applicable to television broadcast operations and weighs .34 grams with a diameter of 5.8 mm. Other features include a frequency response of 20 to 20 kHz, a dynamic range of 103 dB, a maximum output of 138 dB SPL, and a self noise rating of 35 dB. Each mic comes finished in either black or white and offers a choice of termination options including 10-foot tinned leads or a five-foot lead ending in a TA4F connector.

Shure www.shure.com

Softimage has commenced shipment of version 2.0 of its SOFTIMAGE|XSI nonlinear animation system. Designed primarily for those working in the television, film, and interactive markets, v2.0 now includes realtime shaders and integrated hair and fur simulators, as well as increased performance, expanded interoperability, and improved stability. Other new features include a fully integrated compositor with over 100 film quality effects, next generation interactive rendering, 3D text generation, synoptic view, 3D Web authoring capabilities, a software developerâs kit, and support for Linux.

Softimage www.softimage.com

Sonic Sense
Sonic Sense has brought out its new Sonicorder, a 24-bit/48-kHz digital audio workstation that is offered in three turnkey configurations or as a custom-designed system. The first of the turnkey configurations, the model DCW-1 Basic, utilizes Digigramâs VX pocket sound card, and is compatible with microphones, pre-amps, and A/D converters. The second of the turnkey configurations, the DCW-1 Deluxe, is supplied with Benchmarkâs Sonic AD2K+ A/D converter and a Grace Design Lunatec V2 mic pre-amp. The third model, the DCW-2, is equipped with Sound Deviceâs USB Pre, which serves as an all-in-one microphone pre-amp,power supply, and A/D converter.

Sonic Sense www.sonicsense.com

DSR-370L DVCAM camcorder
Sonyâs latest addition to its lineup of professional DVCAM camcorders is the DSR-370L, a 3 CCD DVCAM camcorder configurable for ENG and EFP operations. When combined with Sonyâs CCU-MA, the DSR-370L is capable of becoming a full studio camera system. Other features include an F1.4 medium index prism system, 3200 K, 5600 K+1/8ND, 5600 K, and 5600 K+1/64ND built-in filters; genlock in/video in (VBS or BS) internal sync and VTR/CCU in external sync; a typical signal-to-noise ratio of 62dB, and up to 290 minutes of continuous recording time, depending on the type of battery.

Sony www.sony.com/professional


L1000 encoder/modulator

Standard Communications brings to the SNG and ENG market its new L1000 low delay encoder/modulator, which features encoding delay of less than 100 msec in either 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 format. The unit dissipates 18 W of power on AC or battery operation and is switchable between DVB-T (COFDM) or DVB-S (QPSK) modulation. In addition, inputs can be both SDI and analog video and stereo audio, outputs include DVB ASI and optionally 70 MHz IF in COFDM or QPSK format. The L1000 can be manually controlled from the front panel, remotely via an RS232 serial port, or via an optional infrared remote control. Transport of locally generated RS232 data is also supported.

Standard Communications http://www.standardcomm.com

Remote control functionality for AD991

Tektronix has added Web-based, remote control functionality to its AD991 MPEG signal source. The AD991 is applicable to any environment where a flexible signal source is required, including broadcast operations. The new software includes an application programming interface (API) that allows users to remotely control the AD991 using any standard Web browser or HTTP client. The new functionality allows video equipment developers to integrate the AD991 into their automated test environment and control the unit with any standard Web browser. Additionally, the new addition will allow broadcasters to interface the AD991 with their automation systems to remotely control play-out of their MPEG signals.

Tektronix http://www.tektronix.com

PT-HP-S2 pan/tilt mechanism

Telemetrics has added its new PT-HP-S2, a digital servo-controlled pan/tilt mechanism to its line of camera robotics systems. It is designed specifically for ENG and compact CCD cameras with digital drive lenses, and is controlled via RS-232 or RS-422 protocol with direct lens and camera interface connectors for camera and lens control functions. The mechanism is available with either side-or top-mounting platforms and comes with an auxiliary connector for direct interface to Telemetricsâ Televator elevating pedestal, CTS Camera Track system trolley, or EMW-PT elevating wall mount. Serial control interfaces are available for most Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, and JVC cameras.

Telemetrics www.telemetricsinc.com

Larger rack modules

Winsted recently announced the addition of four new rack modules as part of its rack components line. The Models 84034 and 86034 are base/slope consoles with 24 and 1/2-inch high (14U) sloping top modules designed to hold two sets of nine-inch monitors with 3 and 1/2-inch (2U) of added height to accommodate additional electronics. Models 86013 and 84013 rack modules are both 21-inch high (12U) top modules designed to hold two sets of 9-inch monitors. The all-steel components come with removable punched rack rails.

Winsted Corporation http://www.winsted.com