Prime Focus Technologies’ DAX Rebranded to CLEAR

(Image credit: PFT)


LOS ANGELES—Prime Focus Technologies’ DAX Digital Dailies is going by a new name, with the company rebranding the technology to CLEAR and boasting a new set of features for post-production processes.

DAX was an online Dailies experience that began in 2004 and was then bought by PFT in 2014. Now as CLEAR, it offers new collaboration tools, upgraded performance, embedded MAM functionality, strong workflow management and can handle mezzanine/raw content, per PFT. Ingest, delivery, Master QC, localization and Mastering can also be managed and administered on CLEAR.

CLEAR’s MAM features include the ability to upload, manage and create a cloud archive of RAW or mezzanine production content, transcode any format and deliver vendors. Users can also view, manage and search content, as well as add comments, create clips and sizzle reels and easily collaborate with post teams upon uploading content.

Additional features include and Apple TV app; an HTML5 player to stream content up to 10 Mbps/4K/HDR; support for mezzanine content in DNxHD or ProRes formats; multicloud architecture; one-click share; security measures like Just-in-Time Watermarking; an administration module; and the ability to customize your user user settings.

“As part of CLEAR, we have expanded DAX from a dailies solution into a holistic content creation and post-production supply chain platform,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, founder and global CEO of PFT.

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