Primacoustic’s low-cost FlexiBooth turns any room into a voice-over booth

The FlexiBooth from Primacoustic is a wall-mounting vocal booth/variable acoustic panel that can be mounted to a wall and be opened and closed like a cupboard.

When opened, the 24in x 48in panels can be used as a vocal booth to cancel out room ambiance. The producer can decide if a vocal needs to be dry or have reverb. This FlexiBooth comes with beige acoustic panels creating a 16 cubic foot recording area.

The FlexiBooth is equipped with three high density 6lb per-cubic-foot fabric covered acoustic panels that will absorb frequencies across the entire voice range to deliver a dry voice track. This makes the FlexiBooth ideal for voice-over work.

The FlexiBooth is constructed from particle board with a washable black melamine finish. To save on freight costs, the FlexiBooth ships flat, and it takes roughly 20 minutes to construct. Once assembled, the FlexiBooth hangs on a wall cleat and can be relocated should the need arise.

When the FlexiBooth is closed, its flat and hard melamine exterior will face the room. This will allow the room to have a more live feel. The device is ideal for small spaces where a dedicated voice booth would take up too much space.