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Preco introduces DX-563A rack-mountable monitor

Preco has unveiled the DX-563A, the latest addition to its Cooltouch range of rack-mountable monitoring equipment.

The DX-563A incorporates three 5.6in active-matrix TFT LCD screens as well as their respective loudspeakers in a pull-out-drawer configuration occupying 1RU.

The Cooltouch incorporates six PAL/NTSC auto-sensing composite video inputs. Each of the 4.5in x 3.4in mm video displays has a 960 x 234 pixels resolution (320 RGB triads x 234 lines). Dot pitch is 0.116mm x 0.348mm and backlight lifetime is greater than 10,000 hours. Image brightness is adjustable up to 350 candela per square meter, and contrast up to 250:1, via on-screen display. Three analog audio inputs feed forward-facing loudspeakers which can be used for confidence monitoring or fed from an externally-sourced alarm.