Pliant Technologies Rolls Out CrewCom CB2 Wireless Intercom

Pliant Technologies CrewCom CB2
(Image credit: Pliant Technologies)

AUBURN, Ala.—Pliant Technologies has a new addition to its CrewCom line of products, the CrewCom CB2 professional wireless intercom system. Pliant says that the CrewCom CB2 is ideal for small to mid-level applications.

The CrewCom CB2 is available in both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency options, as well as 900 MHz Oceania and 2.4 GHz CE compliant models. The intercom includes the CrewCom CB2 basestation and up to six CRP-12 two-channel radio packs. Users have access to two intercom channels and interconnectivity to industry standard two- and four-wire intercom systems.

Two CrewCom CB2 basestations can be connected and the audio synched to create one system with up to 12 full-duplex users. Two separate CB2 systems can also be synced to ensure RF performance if they need to be co-located in the same RF area. The system can also sync and be co-located in the same coverage area as an existing CrewCom system.

Additional features of the CrewCom CB2 include lightweight beltpacks, 7K audio quality, as well as compatibility with Pliant’s 6+6 Drop-In radio pack and battery charger and SmartBoom headsets.

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