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Pixelmetrix adds DVB-H support to DVStation

Pixelmetrix has added support for the DVB-H standard to its DVStation software.

The DVB-H standard is designed for delivering video to mobile phones, PDA and other handheld devices. The standard has special provisions for power control as well as additional system information and management facilities required for portable devices.

It adds two important tables to the System Information (SI): one for controlling software downloads and the other for identifying the IP and MAC addresses of the terminal device.

DVStation software v4.7 supports both of these new features, specifically:

  • DVB SSU Update Notification Table (UNT), as per TS 102 006
  • DVB IP/MAC Notification Table (INT), as per EN 301 192.

The UNT carries information about software updates for set-top boxes and IRDs that are available in the transport stream. This table carries update notifications only. The software update itself is carried in a two-layer data carousel that can be located with the help of the information in the UNT.

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