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Pixel Power to Showcase 3D Animation, CGs

Pixel Power will mark the U.S. debut of CG-3D, the latest option for its Clarity range of SD/HD switchable graphics generators. CG-3D offers true real-time 3D animation with parametric control of elements, lighting and moves. Capable of both automated control and input, CG-3D is a field upgrade for existing Clarity HD/SD systems and requires no 3D experience on the part of the operator.

With CG-3D, complex models can be imported from specialist 3D systems and can be edited with built-in controls, parametric primitives, lighting control and keyframe structure. The system can texture-map 2D text and graphics layers from Clarity onto 3D models, including live video feeds, animated text, cell animations, images and clocks. Automated data input can be fed directly onto the surfaces of 3D objects.

The company will also demonstrate LogoVision, a new switchable SD/HD logo generator incorporating Clarity's display technology. Designed for automated operation, the compact unit inserts multiple clocks, multilayer static and animated logos, text crawls, 2D DVEs of live inputs, audio overlay and other graphics.

In addition, Pixel Power plans to unveil its "newsroom in a box," a consolidated broadcast systems that replaces a separate production switcher, DVE, vision mixer and audio mixer.

The company will also announce integration of its Clarity family of CGs with ENPS v5, which offers graphics previews in the timeline for the first time. Pixel Power will demonstrate the latest version of its Clarity Control Toolbox, which supports RSS feeds and XML data to ease integration of data sources and automatically update on-air graphics such as stock tickers and live sports data.

Pixel Power will also introduce Pete Challinger as its new president at the show. As a longtime industry veteran, Challinger--who has worked for Grass Valley, Abekas Video Systems, Spruce Technologies and Quartz, among others--has been brought onboard to help build the company's U.S. market.

Pixel Power will be in booth SU6820.