Pixel Power to Show Configurable SD and HD Graphics Products

Pixel Power will highlight three critical application areas as examples of what its graphics products deliver at the NAB Show.

For graphics-oriented master control and branding solutions in multichannel environments, Pixel Power’s Clarity 3000 HD and SD character generator, LogoVision channel branding system and PixelPromo DJ software deliver graphics automatically tailor themselves on the fly.

Leveraging its Control Toolbox development environment, Pixel Power’s interfaces enable master control operators to manage LogoVision and Clarity branding with diverse control surfaces in the Toolbox, including touchscreens and graphical user interfaces.

The PixelPromo DJ software works with the Clarity CG and LogoVision branding systems to automate channel branding and promotion, including automatic data imports from traffic, to build promotional page sequences based on pre-defined templates.

For automated news graphics, Pixel Power will highlight the integration of Clarity CGs with several of its newest newsroom partners, including Octopus and Dalet. A focus will be the HD graphics of leading U.S. news operations using Pixel Power systems.

For sports and live production, Pixel Power delivers real-time 3D graphics that can transform automatically, based on real-time data sources and automation triggers for maximum visual impact and fluidity. As the score changes, so does the graphic. Pixel Power will be working data aggregators to show this capability in the booth.

Pixel Power will be at Booth SU10920.