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Pirelli Broadband Solutions, Digital Fountain collaborate on IPTV service

Pirelli Broadband Solutions and Digital Fountain have announced a collaboration to integrate Digital Fountain’s ToughStream video and audio degradation protection software with Pirelli’s IPTV portfolio.

Pirelli’s IPTV portfolio consists of a family of IPTV HDTV set-top boxes that incorporate capabilities for Quality of Experience (QoE) assurance. The collaboration gives IPTV operators a tool to enhance their service quality, reach and footprint.

Digital Fountain’s ToughStream is an application-layer software solution that eliminates video and audio degradation caused by network impairments, including packet loss. ToughStream can be deployed at the headend without impacting existing multicast and VOD servers. It requires no changes to signaling infrastructure and existing services.

The ToughStream functionality can be activated on any Pirelli IPTV set-top box already operating in the field through a simple remote software upgrade.

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