Pictorvision’s Eclipse helicopter mount captures ‘Treasure Buddies’

Pictorvision, a supplier of stabilized camera systems, said that aerial director of photography John Trapman chose its new Eclipse helicopter camera mount for production of the feature film “Treasure Buddies.”

To capture a series of background plates for the film, Trapman not only operated the Eclipse system, he also set the exposure and the look of the camera. He chose the Pictorvision Eclipse because he felt its patented XR Motion Management technology enabled the most advanced steering, stability and pointing capabilities available.

When shooting plate shots, Trapman said extremely steady footage is needed to combine the plates with the foreground elements shot on stage. The more stable the image, he said, the less work they have to do in post and that means less cost for the production company.

“Treasure Buddies” was the first time Trapman used the Eclipse system. In addition to its steadiness, he praised its quick reset time and the lack of waiting for gyros to get up to speed.