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Philips, eventIS Demonstrate 3D Video-on-Demand

Philips (opens in new tab) and eventIS demonstrated 3D video-on-demand (VOD) using eventIS metadata systems and Philips 3D displays at IBC2007.

They claimed that their testing provides proof that 3D video format based on “2D-plus-depth” can be integrated into existing media distribution and management systems for VOD over cable, satellite, Internet, or terrestrial broadcasting.

Earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom and Philips demonstrated interactive 3D applications including movies, home shopping and online games. Now eventIS has demonstrated that 3D VoD capabilities can be implemented in its metadata media management system.

In the demo, eventIS used a library of 3D animated, stereoscopic and 2D-to-3D converted videos. The demonstration in the eventIS stand was matched in the Philips stand showcasing its professional 3D displays. The system also was shown on the 132-inch multiscreen 3D system in the WOWzone.