Pharos unveils Playtime iA at IBC2004

At IBC2004, Pharos introduced Playtime iA (interActive), which lets broadcasters deliver dynamic presentations such as viewer-controlled games and vote-enabled content.

Complex interactive audience participation effects can be achieved reliably and efficiently under automated control with Playtime iA.

Playtime has already advanced broadcast playout beyond the current linear playlist, using the package concept unique to Pharos. Each package has independent tracks for every element required to make up the presented playout. Every track can be displayed on the Playtime control screen as a separate timeline, typically representing main video, backup video, discrete voiceover languages, GPIs, mix/effects, logo and subtitles.

Playtime iA adds rules-based operation to the package principle developed for the original Playtime. Broadcaster-definable, rules-based tracks allow interactive nonlinear presentation.

The system operates at multiple levels, selecting appropriate voiceover and graphic content, for example, to accompany a clip chosen by a majority of viewers.

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