PESA introduces CAT PAWS for A/V distribution over CAT-5 cable

PESA Switching Systems' CAT PAWS twisted pair RGBHV transmitter and receiver

PESA Switching Systems has introduced its new CAT PAWS twisted pair RGBHV transmitter and receiver.

Capable of driving an SXGA signal over CAT-5 cable as far as 450 feet with perfect reproduction, PESA’s CAT PAWS take advantage of traditional networking CAT-5 cable.

Recommended for use with either commercial-grade CAT-5/5e/6 or non-skew unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable designed specifically for video applications, CAT PAWS are designed with internal skew compensation to accommodate longer runs with less-expensive UTP cable. Additionally, instead of forcing the sync signals through the cable, the unit analyzes the incoming signal, converts it at the transmitter, and reconstructs it as a true sync signal at the receiver.

The CP450TX and CP450RX CAT PAW modules come with an RJ-45 connector and an HD-15 connector for RGBHV sources, and have an LED signal indicator and external power pack.

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