Panasonic Now Shipping AG-MX70 Multifunction Video Device

Panasonic has made available its AG-MX70, an integrated video switcher, digital video effects device and audio mixer.

The mixer provides broadcast-quality 4:2:2:4 digital component picture quality and Dynamic Rounding technology for gradient transitions, smooth edges and clean video processing. Audio moves through four stereo inputs (or embedded audio with the optional SDI interface), plus two auxiliary inputs. It has a three-band equalizer on the audio inputs and a pitch change function for masking voice recognition, as well as four levels of audio adjustments.

The effects functions can create more than 600 2D effects patterns, including transitions, key patterns, melts, mosaic, paint, trail and multi-images. The optional AG-VE70P 3-D effects board provides over 1,600 effects. A joystick control allows users to position and size effects as well as select and adjust colors or perform color correction. Wipe patterns accommodate 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio production needs. A standard RS-422A and RS-232C remote control terminal and a GPI terminal connect the unit with video editing devices, including Panasonic's AG-A850 multievent edit controller, for A/B roll editing. It also offers a 30-frame graphics buffer for roll, crawl and logo animation, and a USB interface for importing graphic files.

As a switcher, it is designed for live camera production with genlockable cameras, featuring tally outputs for eight cameras and two-channel frame synchronization, permitting special effects in each of the A/B program busses.