Panasonic Launches P2 HD Mobile Recorder/Player

Panasonic has added another model to the company’s line of solid-state P2 products. The AJ-HPM110 is a new mobile recorder/player unit that offers longer recording times and more capabilities than the company’s previous model, the AJ-HPM100.

The new machine does native 1080/24p recording, has 1080/24PsF inputs and outputs and is equipped with six P2 card slots to provide up to four hours of recording time in 1080p/24 with 32 GB P2 cards.

The AJ-HPM110 is equipped with multiple input and output ports, including HD-SDI, IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0. It has a built-in nine-inch LCD monitor for previews, shot marking and insert editing applications.

Remote control is provided via an RS-422A port to allow the machine to function as a playback source in an editing environment. It is constructed on a die-cast magnesium frame and weighs in at 14.2 pounds.