Osprey Launches Software Encoding/Streaming App for Capture Cards

DALLAS—Osprey Video has released Ceylon, a free software encoding/streaming application designed specifically for Osprey video capture cards. This H.264 encoding application enables live Web broadcasting and archiving.

When used with a supported Osprey capture card, Ceylon allows user to live-stream events to computers, connected TVs, tablets and mobile devices. At the same time it archives HD streams to an MP4 container for later viewing. The application features a streaming engine that minimizes CPU usage and creates primary and backup streams from a single encode. It also has the ability to reconnect to the publishing port automatically in the event of loss connectivity.

The Ceylon is able to automatically embed closed captions in the H.264 data stream, which allows for caption display within supported players. Other new features for the Ceylon include TruVue Monitor, a preview window on the rendering of the encoded output; Source Preview, a real-time preview of the live video for cropping and image adjustment; and access to Osprey driver features.

Additional features include deinterlacing, cropping control, audio peak meters, and audio boost controls, vectorscope and luma scope functions when supported by an Osprey capture card.

The Ceylon application is currently available. Users of Osprey capture cards can download Ceylon from Osprey’s website.