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Oregan launches Internet TV monitoring software

Oregan Networks, the UK developer of Internet TV technologies, has unveiled a software module for monitoring and managing customer premises equipment (CPE). The module, based on the widely adopted TR-111,TR-69, and TR-135 guidelines stipulated by the Broadband Forum, allows operators to perform bidirectional monitoring and diagnostics of network and video QoS parameters, such as connectivity, bandwidth, packet sequencing and video decoder performance. The system also features an advanced end-to-end remote upgrade management facility, with the ability to selectively target specific groups of devices. The upgrades can be modularised, in order to update only selected components of the STB software stack as required, to minimise the network load and upgrade time.

The new device management module is integrated into the architecture of Oregan's Media Browser, its suite of core media client technologies for STBs. The browser incorporates an HTML-based UI, OTT media streaming client, DLNA home networking stack and a comprehensive list of supported DRM and conditional access system (CAS) technologies.