Orad to demonstrate Stereo3D at IBC

In addition to its ProSet virtual studio, Orad will demonstrate its Stereo3D virtual studio at IBC2010. With the Stereo3D virtual studio, virtual stereo graphics are chromakeyed and rendered in real-time as part of the Stereo3D production.

To ensure precise synchronization, both the full resolution left and right signals are fed into a single HDVG rendering platform, producing a 3G HD (1080p) signal and thus ensuring perfect sync between the two streams. Combined with Orad's real-time Stereo3D controller, operators have full control over the depth dimension of the graphics and the key stereo parameters through a single user interface.

With the HDVG and Orad's Stereo3D, both the interaxial (eye separation) and convergence can be adjusted in real time. Relying on Orad's tracking capabilities, broadcasters will be able to enjoy the benefits of ProSet's advanced photorealistic shaders, reflection mapping and depth of field while broadcasting in stereo.

Visit Orad at IBC Stand 7.B27.