OPTOCORE launches two new digital audio network devices

Two major new products from OPTOCORE were displayed at the recent AES Munich show: the X6R and V3R audio converters, both designed for analog to AES/EBU conversion. The X6R is a 16-channel converter housed in 1RU with two rear slots for custom I/O configuration, while the V3R has a single card slot.

Five different cards are currently available, each handling eight channels. Variations include handling mic inputs, line inputs, line outputs, mic inputs with preamps and AES/EBU inputs with sample rate conversion. All cards are equipped with Phoenix connectors. The X6R supports sample rates up to 192kHz and includes an internal word clock for stand-alone applications. Its two card slots make it flexible enough for almost any I/O combination.

Though housed in a similar package, the V3R has a single card slot on the rear and is suitable as an analog input or output satellite for up to eight channels. The available cards provide eight mic or line ins and eight line outs.

Both the V3R and the X6R are designed to work seamlessly with OPTOCORE’s optical digital network system and can be monitored and controlled remotely via OPTOCORE control software. Ports for USB, RS-232 and LAN are included together with word clock in and out. The X6R and V3R units feature high-quality A/D and D/A converters, along with mic preamps, phantom power and selectable gain control in 1dB steps, making them suitable for incorporation into audio systems even if no OPTOCORE network is established.