Optocore debuts versatile fiber transceiver

Optocore has implemented a groundbreaking transceiver for its DD2FR-FX optical MADI device, which accepts both multi-mode and single-mode fiber signals. As a result of this unique feature, the transceivers can connect to both single-mode and multi-mode third-party MADI link partners with the same multi-mode 50µm / 62,5µm cable. At the same time, this represents a substantial cost-saving for customers.

This initiative is consistent with Optocore’s policy to introduce more efficient, versatile products with expanded capacity, and reduced cost and carbon footprint. In the case of the new DD2FR-FX, this required a re-engineering of Optocore’s previous MADI network device in order to enable it to function within Optocore’s new Cat5-based SANE environment, with its more powerful 2Gbit fiber network.

It provides users with more flexibility and means that they no longer need to order the DD2FR-FX with the appropriate MADI transceiver version to match their equipment. Customers can now simply switch from multi-mode to single-mode MADI transmission without the need for expensive transceiver replacement.

This latest breakthrough will see the transceiver incorporated as a standard feature in every DD2FR-FX device.