Ooyala Adds New Features to Ooyala Live

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—It’s updates galore for the Ooyala Live, all designed to improve the system’s creation, management, delivery and monetization of live streamed events and linear TV channels.

Among the new features that Ooyala rolled out with the platform is the Ooyala Live Network Operations Center. The NOC provides 24/7 monitoring of live events and linear channels by live operation engineers to identify and fix potential issues. There is also High Availability, which is designed for customers that require continuous channel availability and uninterrupted viewing by providing multi-region auto-failover to a secondary channel if any interruptions in the primary channel occur. In addition, the system now supports low latency streaming and can block streams based on ZIP code location.

Ooyala runs the entire operation, providing a 99.95 percent uptime in addition to training, channel set-up and management, real-time monitoring, quality reporting of service and experience, and direct support from the Ooyala Live Ops team.