OmniBus enables hands-on logging with dual-screen OPUS Sports & News Logging

OmniBus has launched a new dual-screen version of the OPUS Sports & News Logging system. The workstation enables fast logging of live and recorded events via two LCD screens: a viewing screen and a touch-screen display that provide users with rapid access to data, sports stats and clips.

Like the preceding single-screen version, the dual-screen OPUS Logging provides all the tools necessary for critical highlights logging, even as a story or match unfolds. It allows for rapid event logging with just one touch and features robust capabilities for recalling, sorting and accessing logged information. This fast recall functionality enables broadcasters to produce live sports and breaking news with efficiency and accuracy. The easy capture of key frames allows users to build storyboards rapidly. Reviewing and filtering logged events also allows the user to focus on highlights and quickly create shot lists for review and export to production editors for finishing.

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