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OmniBus Debuts G3 Version of Colossus

OmniBus Systems released a new version of its automation and delivery system.

The new Colossus Version 3 combines the multichannel architecture of the Colossus automation system with OmniBus G3 technology.

"Colossus Version 3 bridges the gap between video, audio, Internet, and data-streaming applications, just as earlier Colossus systems have, while also providing broadcasters with flexible user interface and device control options that bring greater functionality to facilities of all types and sizes," said Mike Oldham, CEO of UK-based OmniBus.

Colossus--designed for large-scale broadcast operations--can control an unlimited number of channel, items or devices through a customizable desktop-based user interface.

A single operator can monitor the status of all channels using the customizable G3 Desktop.

"With the G3 technology, broadcasters can structure their operations according to their own needs and workflows," said OmniBus cofounder and CTO, Ian Fletcher.

Colossus provides security, full redundancy and support for centralcasting operations including remote access. Broadcasters can specify the range of data available to each user with the level-based security features.