Nvision to Showcase New Master Control System, Large-Matrix Router

Nvision will demonstrate its new NV5100MC master control switching systems and new large-matrix router product line at NAB.

The NV5100MC multichannel master control switching system offers expanded audio and video processing capability, a field programmable processor for either SD or HD, a choice of four control surfaces; and full-video preview that includes effects. The NV5100 series is a modular, robust, and field-programmable platform that promises scalability, upgradeability and flexibility.

Nvision will also introduce a new generation of large-matrix multiformat routers with more system features and double the density as two frames, replacing what traditionally has required four. Using Nvision’s router technology platform, the new router line includes N-on-1 redundant crosspoints, linear expansion for serial video routers, and error-free operation for 1.5 and 3.0 Gbps digital data. Linear expandability extends the router’s capabilities in the field without the use of splitters or combiners while managing up to 1152x1152 signals using a nonblocking architecture that gives the router access to any source in the facility.

The new NV9000 router system controller can handle up to 250 routers, 400 control panels, and up to 250 physical and 512 virtual levels. Standard features include redundant power supplies, solid state hard drive, six network control points, and the NV9000-SE configuration utility with a simplified and intuitive user interface.

Nvision will be at Booth SU11620.