NUGEN Audio LM-Correct making Asia debut at BroadcastAsia2013

Making its debut in Asia at BroadcastAsia2013, the NUGEN Audio LM-Correct stand-alone loudness tool is available as a file-based program, taking its speed and simplicity outside the Avid environment.

LM-Correct is ideal for rapid, intuitive correction in situations where time is limited, providing an automatic method of rapidly conforming audio to current loudness standards. The program can be used as a one-stop solution for loudness correction, fixing audio that has not been mixed with loudness standards in mind, or in conjunction with a real-time loudness meter such as VisLM to fine tune audio mixed to loudness requirements from the outset.

LM-Correct can also be used as a final "back-stop" processor, ensuring that finished files are within specification and performing a fix where errors are found.