NTP Technology Penta 725 IP audio router to make UK debut at BVE 2012

An addition to NTP Technology's range of digital audio routing and processing equipment makes its UK exhibition debut on stand B28 at Broadcast Video Expo 2012 in Earls Court, London, 14-16 February.

A presentation explaining the practical and economic advantages of the NTP IP audio technology based on Dante(TM) will be delivered by Mikael Vest on Wednesday, Feb. 15, as part of the radio technology session.

Penta 725 IP systems can be combined to handle a total of 512 channels on a 1Gb/s network. Larger systems can be integrated where greater network capacity is available. Each audio channel can be deployed as router input/output connections or to connect with extra Penta 725 IP units.

IP audio entering or leaving the Penta 725 IP router can be interfaced on a PC platform by using a dedicated Ethernet sound card or its virtual equivalent. NTP Technology's VMC control software is employed to select a monitor source which can be made directly available for high-quality/low-latency monitoring.

Two RJ45 Cat 6 GigE connectors are available on the Penta 725 IP for fully redundant connection. Control and IP audio data are transmitted on the same IP connection, enabling in-band control of additional IP audio nodes as well as control via the NTP Router Control System RCCoreV3 on the same network.

The Penta 725 IP combines standard time-division multiplex routing with the ability to interface audio between AES3 and AES10 (MADI). All switching on the IP network is controlled via the NTP Technology RCCore router control system. Connections are managed by the VMC control surface. Changes can be made dynamically to match programme schedules.

The compact Penta 725 IP router has a capacity of 1024 x 1024 crosspoints and can accommodate 64 bidirectional channels via IP. It can also be populated to handle 64 AES3 input/output channels, six optical MADI channels and optional sampling-rate converters interfaces. The Penta 725 IP is equipped with an auxiliary power supply. An auxiliary IP Matrix core module is optional.