NewTek Launches Second Generation of NDI Technology

SAN ANTONIO—NewTek is taking a step forward with its Network Device Interface, announcing the second generation of its NDI technology. While it is compatible with all existing versions of NDI, the newly developed NDI version 2 offers new features including support for all modern operating systems and mobile devices.

In addition to the SDK and tools available for users, NewTek is providing Android and iOS camera applications to the new NDI for all mobile devices, enabling them to act as a wireless camera for live production. Other applications include NewTek IsoCoder for recording NDI streams available on the network; NewTek Connect for converting NDI to and from other video formats; and the addition of Adobe Creative Cloud compatibility for monitoring feeds, mirroring desktops, controlling video groups and access.

The new version of NDI will feature a high performance codec that is resolution independent and supports alpha channel and bit-depths up to 16 bits per pixel. NDI version 2 is generationally lossless and can encode 1080p at 2200 fps, 4K at 780 fps, and 8K at 210 fps. Additional features include 16 or more channels of floating point audio at any sample rate; bi-directional communication with up-stream and down-stream metadata support; cross subnet support; integrated fail-over support; and network-based video routing support.

NewTek plans to release NDI version 2 in the fourth quarter of 2016.

For more information on NewTek NDI, visit NDI Central