NewTek Announces Connect Pro and NDI for Adobe

SAN ANTONIO—NewTek has announced both the Connect Pro software tool and the NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud software plug-in. The new products were officially announced during the 2016 NAB Show.

The Connect Pro is a multi-purpose software tool that connects IP video formats of new and existing video production hardware and software to work together. The tool brings together IP video standards including NDI and support for streaming IP formats from cameras from major manufacturers. In addition, the IP video sources can be combined with SDI capture cards to expand production capabilities.

The Connect Pro can turn a host computer into a multi-channel video converter for stored media playback, local webcams, or video signals from compatible sources. It also includes the NDI Connect Webserver to distribute videos to the web browser of devices on the network; users can select up to 16 different video sources. Additional features include providing up to four video sources as input or outputs, Tally and AutoPlay functions.

NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud is designed to allow Adobe users to send real-time video and audio to NDI-enabled receiving products across a standard Ethernet network. Users in different locations can collaborate on the same interface in real-time. Just-in time editing workflows over IP for live production environments is also available. The system is also bi-direction and backwards compatible with devices utilizing NewTek’s open standard for IP connectivity between devices.

Both the Connect Pro and NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud are available now. Users can purchase the Connect Pro for a one-time fee of $995, or as a subscription of $49/per month. NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud is available for download at a fee of $99.