New Zealand's IGLOO TV service to use Bridge Technologies monitors

New Zealand's first DVB-T2 platform, built by Kordia for the new IGLOO TV service, will use a Bridge Technologies end-to-end monitoring and analysis system for advanced digital media monitoring of its transmission services.

The components were supplied to Kordia by Magna Systems & Engineering, a Bridge Technologies reseller.

Kordia owns and operates New Zealand's third-largest telecommunications network and provides terrestrial transmission services for all the major television operators. The new DVB-T2 service for IGLOO TV will be delivered from 19 main sites across the country. Benefiting from the new features of T2, Kordia will use a single physical layer pipe (PLP) with modulation parameters that will provide comparable coverage to the existing DVB-T service. This new technology raises the data rate achievable in an 8-MHz channel from 26 Mb/s to 38 Mb/s, allowing IGLOO TV to operate 12 SD services within the bandwidth previously used by a single analog TV channel.

The Bridge Technologies components supplied by Magna Systems to Kordia include multiple VB120 probes with ASI and IP inputs, as well as VB252 probes with COFDM interfaces to provide comprehensive monitoring capability of the service. The expanded ETR290 and T2-MI monitoring functions of the VB120 probes are part of the version 4.9 software release, which adds powerful RF measurements and MIP analysis, in addition to alarming and support for the widest range of standards and formats. The new dual-input VB252 probe provides complete visibility and packet analysis of both outer and T2-MI inner streams, with accurate drift monitoring for SFN networks and high-quality MER measurement and level readings. The VB252 delivers effective and complete monitoring of DVB-T2 and T2-MI, displaying all network errors and status data live in Bridge Technologies' renowned at-a-glance graphical formats.

IGLOO TV is a low-cost pay-television service using digital terrestrial frequencies. Using an innovative revenue model, the service allows viewers to access content not available on free-to-air television at a modest month-by-month fee.

The multiple-award-winning end-to-end family of probes is the most advanced and comprehensive monitoring and analysis system available to digital media organizations. Features include seamless integration between broadcast and IP standards, support for all major industry standards and formats — including DVB-T2 MI — and sophisticated data probes for every location. From the satellite downlink through the high-traffic core network to the viewer's living room, Bridge Technologies products enable unrivaled control over maintenance costs and quality of service provided to subscribers.

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