New Will-Burt Company payload adapter accessories enhance productivity

The Will-Burt Company has introduced the newly designed set of payload adapter accessories that are designed to increase efficiency and productivity while using the Expedition Series line of portable telescoping masts.

Included in the new Expedition Series accessory family are:

  • EZ Raze, which permits the easy elevation of multiple antennas and equipment via a winch and cable system.
  • Rigid Guy Collar, which enables guying at the top or mid-level of mast.
  • Swivel Guy Collar, a free-rotating four point guy collar assembly which permits the azimuth adjustment of the mast head without moving the guy ropes.
  • Cup Holder, which enables mounting antennas or other devices that have an insulator bar or mounting arm.
  • NATO Plate, which enables mounting of standard NATO VHF whip antennas with a four-bolt pattern.

Other accessories in the family include the Bolster Plate; Dual, Tri and Quad Arm Kits; Blank Plate; Stub Adapter; and Extension Arms.