Card supports the new version of Avid Media Composer; provides broadcast-quality I/O and lets users deliver H.264 files for the Web, mobile devices and Blu-ray up to five times faster than software alone; also features 10-bit hardware scaling, inexpensive HD monitoring with the Matrox HDMI calibration utility, and 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound monitoring using professional connections.

TV One

HDMI repeater extends range of the 1T-CT-631A/1T-CT-632 in video system installations; the 1T-CT-631A/632 HDMI extender can achieve signal distribution distances ranging from 38m for 1080p signals to 58m for 480p signals; the new repeater can double those distances — typical distance is 76m in the 8-bit (1080p) mode and 29m in the 12-bit (1080p) mode; also, within the maximum allowable Cat 6 or HDMI cable length, repeaters can be cascaded beyond the distance provided by just one repeater.

Broadcast Pix

Voice-activated automation control for Granite‚ Mica and Slate integrated production systems; detects when a particular mic is being used and triggers software to switch to a pre-determined camera position and add the appropriate graphics; lets users set conditions to prevent coughs or one-word comments from changing cameras; mic inputs can be prioritized; allows host override through the included soft panel software.

MultiTaction Cell 55

Large-scale (55in) LCD multitouch display offers a set of advanced touch, gesture and object-recognition capabilities; can accommodate large numbers of touch points and concurrent users with full hand recognition; offers response of more than 200fps; designed for interaction with real-life objects; can be stacked to any size or shape using tens of units.

Creative Suite 5.5

New version includes the Production Premium package, which serves many mobile TV production needs; offers updated version of the Premiere CS editor, which features a merge clips command for mixing audio from different cameras shot in the field and support for RED and Canon/Nikon DSLRs; also includes an update of After Effects CS, which features stereoscopic 3-D workflow; additional features include new effects such as Camera Lens Blur and an advanced warp stabilizer.


New adapter for standalone portable receiver or mixer bag use with the DWR-S01D digital wireless slot-in receiver; supports optional powering of the receiver using Sony InfoLithium L series batteries; also offers users the ability to additional flexibility in multipurpose wireless receiver applications, including V-mounting the portable receiver onto a camera; new companion soft case offers easy access to connectors and battery.


19in switcher provides nine signal inputs; inputs are expandable with option boards to a maximum of 13 HD/SD switchable signal inputs; features easy-to-read 7in color LCD panel, new memory preview function, an improved multiview function and a simple key layout optimized for live broadcasts; optional board slots enable support for input signals, including 3-D cameras; includes software development kit.

Riedel Communications

Product series allows for transporting AES3/EBU audio in real time with guaranteed bandwidth and QoS via IP-based LANs; based on official IEEE next-generation Ethernet standards such as 802.1Qav, P802.1Qat and P802.1AS; enables risk-free use of AVB-compliant facility or enterprise LAN infrastructure for professional intercom applications; allows for new approaches in system and facility design, providing savings in infrastructure investments.


96-port router allows users to configure any signal port independently for fiber or coax connectivity; offers dual crosspoints, dual controllers, dual power supplies and dual fans — all replaceable — for maximum redundancy; uses proprietary algorithms to continuously monitor every sub-assembly.

Media Broadcast
Broadcast Access Technology

New access technology enables use of a barker channel to transmit additional service information data to online portals or live streams hosted by various content providers; incorporates the remote controls of both linear and Web-based systems; gives online providers a direct EPG listing and consumers direct access to services.

Rohde & Schwarz
R&S PR100

Operates in a frequency range from 9kHz to 7.5GHz; combined with the R&S HE300 GPS-enabled directional antenna, can quickly detect and locate the source of cellular band interference disrupting wireless infrastructure equipment; the portable receiver provides 10MHz real-time IF spectrum and demodulation over a bandwidth ranging from 150Hz to 500kHz; also includes an audio tone indicator of signal strength to help users identify the source of interference.

Grass Valley

Multiformat NLE software has been enhanced with a 3-D toolset and added 3-D support for editing peripherals that provides users with a complete stereoscopic 3-D post-production workflow; new 3-D support includes native support for 3-D video clips captured with the most popular 3-D cameras, easy clip pairing for synching left-eye/right-eye clips, 2D to 3-D conversion capability, and an array of tools right on the editing timeline that makes 3-D adjustments — to compensate for mistakes in shooting — fast (with no transcoding necessary) and easy.

Softel MediaSphere

TS generator allows cable operators to maximize the bandwidth capacity of their current, possibly analog, infrastructure for quick, economical delivery of digital services, such as service information, EPG and VOD; can create many types of SCTE data and deliver it to consumer devices, including set-top boxes, DTAs and CableCards.

Outdoor Hub

Platform enables delivery of improved high-speed Internet, cable IPTV and multiscreen services over existing cable networks; can be combined with the Harmonic SupraLink 1550nm transmission system to simplify architecture and streamline operations; acts as an optical distribution point for downstream traffic and an aggregation point for upstream traffic; each hub can house modules for optical switching, splitting, amplification, wavelength multiplexing and de-multiplexing, and re-lasing.


Ultra-compact cellular bonding system enables freelance and professional broadcasters to transmit live content over as many as five 3G or 4G cellular modems from multiple carriers worldwide simultaneously from the field; camera-top unit fits in the palm of the hand; incorporates low-power hardware H.264 HD video compression and advanced streaming options such as RTMP and MPEG-TS; also features the company's Adaptive Internet Streaming (AI Streaming) technology, which adjusts bit rate and buffering in real time to handle volatile network conditions.

Mushroom Networks

Portable device bonds multiple broadband connections (fixed or wireless) into a single high-speed pipe to transmit high-quality live video and audio webcasts; works with webcasting equipment, including encoders, switchers, software encoders on laptops as a video source and CDNs, such as Ustream, Livestream,, Akamai and Limelight.


Digital mixer offers a 16-track USB 2.0 interface for multi-track recording via Mac or PC; features 16 in/16 out USB audio streaming at 96kHz, as well as multichannel in/out via expansion card or ADAT; at a sampling rate of 24-bit/96kHz, the unit features studio-quality head amps with high-performance onboard A/D and D/A converters; shares all the functionality of its predecessor, including 100mm motor faders, 99 scene memories for instant recall, and fully configurable user-defined keys adapting to any studio or sound reinforcement situation.

SLM 1478

Analyzes digital TV/RF formats, including NTSC, ATSC, QAM and DOCSIS signals; highly portable for use by installers of high-speed CATV video delivery networks; provides in-depth digital signal measurements from 4MHz to 1GHz; offers signal parameters, including pre- and post-BER, average power, MER, spectral analysis, noise margin, and constellation for QAM A and B; features a LAN port for network connections to facilitate FTP uploading of logged test data to simplify system documentation.

Sound Devices
Mix Assist

New feature for the 788T multi-track digital audio recorder; 788T is designed for location recording for films, documentaries, episodic and reality TV, with applications in ENG and EFP; as these applications are commonly dialogue-heavy and unscripted, Mix Assist turns down unused microphones while instantly activating only the microphones that are in use, making it easier to get clean dialogue recordings; activates only one microphone per sound source, attenuating unused microphones by 15dB.

SeaChange International
MediaServer 1200XD

Broadcast video server is equipped with flash SSD; features up to 26-percent lower power consumption and up to 30X lower failure rate in a standalone unit; offers flexibility in resolution and video formats, making it ideal for channel expansion and adding HD capabilities; is 3RU; holds up to 4.8TB of media data with RAID 6 dual-parity data protection; facilitates high channel density ingest (up to four channels) and playout (up to eight channels) of SD, HD and 3-D content.