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New Products, October 2008

Carl Zeiss +0.5 DigiDiopter
Band Pro

Magnification lens is designed to work in conjunction with DigiPrime and DigiZoom series as well as other professional 2/3in HD lenses; attaches to the front of the lens for increased close-focus range and magnification capability; employs an achromatic dual-lens assembly to minimize color fringing and spherical aberration; features antireflective coating to reduce light loss and flare while improving transmission for crisp images with saturated colors and accurate blacks.
+49 89 9454849 0;

Concert v2.0

Communications system establishes a single communication environment for traditional and IP intercom users; links to the Eclipse Matrix Frame with an E-Que IP card over Ethernet; can provide backup communication to the Eclipse by connection to an E-Que IP card; introduces a new user interface that includes an Eclipse panel view, offering users the ability to participate in Matrix communications from any Windows PC with a network connection, including over the Internet.
+44 1223 815000

iStor Networks

Management interface eliminates the requirement to manage individual RAID groups and their LUN configurations; presents a pool of storage that is easily carved up into individual customized volumes, reducing administrative, support and other operational costs; supporst multiple RAID levels across drives; facilitates flexible storage configurations by managing integraStor's storage virtualization engine, which can fully use all drive capacity in a pool of mixed drive configurations.
+1 949 753 8999;


Web-based system controller allows PC-based control of any module in the company's FB-9E Ether-Box platform; features integral diagnostics that provide instant assurance that the module under interrogation is fully operational; allows device communication and control via intranet or Internet, giving the ability to check a compatible Eyeheight product anywhere in the world via TCP/IP link.
+44 20 82 552 015


Mini fiber-optic video transmitter, for use over multimode optical fiber, converts a single baseband video channel to an optical signal and transmits it up to 2.5km to a fiber-optic receiver, where it is converted back to baseband video for monitoring; features a new design to ensure better performance and reliability.
+1 203 796 5300;


Waveform monitor features 6in integral XGA TFT screen that can be set to display YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, GBR or RGB luminance waveform, color vector, five-bar, surround-sound level, status and video source; can be operated from mains via an optional universal power supply or from a 12V battery; auto-senses input format, colorimetry, black burst or trilevel external reference input; includes display panel farmed by clearly labeled pushbutton function selectors, three rotary adjustment controls and a forward-facing USB interface.
+31 40 264 5345;


Shared-storage, collaborative workflow solution for DI and broadcast workflows; each 16-drive chassis processes more than 1Gb/s; allows users to combine multiple XStream chassis to match the needs of any large-scale production workgroup or high-bandwidth content creation facility; provides an open environment for creative teams to share media regardless of application and platform; supports large numbers of SD and compressed HD video streams or multiple streams of uncompressed HD or 2K video.
+44 20 7927 8330

WASP3D v1.3

New version of the real-time 3-D graphics solution features new design effects like refraction, which enables a designer to add realistic lens or a glass-like look to an object, lightening texture and a texture map feature, which allows a graphic artist to source maps from any approved source and import them as shape files to the design module; includes render time optimization, a new page controller for Comb Builder, Sting Client and Data Buzz modules, and the Bee Keeper module for seamless integration with automation systems.
+91 120 430 8888;

Micro-Sun Gun X2
Frezzi Energy Systems

Ultra-compact, camera-top HMI light has nearly twice the brightness and battery life of the original; features a dual-power switchable ballast, 1000+ lumen lamp, rapid-on function, 5500K color balance; high CRI color rendering, high-performance heat sink, specially designed optics for 80-degree beam angle for HD and break-away power system for multiple power options.
+1 973 427 1160;


3Gb/s-ready broadcast server features increased processing power and great I/O density; supports four HD video I/O channels; capable of ingesting and playing out 1080p signals; media applications include NEXIO AMP Logo, an on-air branding system that allows each playout channel on NEXIO AMP to feature unique graphic elements and animated sequences; other applications include NEXIO AMP ChannelView, a multiviewer I/O monitoring application, and NEXIO AMP Track Editor, an audio track and captioning metadata manipulation tool.
+44 118 964 8000

Unity 4600

Satellite media receiver now supports next-generation DVB-S2 satellite demodulation as a standard feature; with its advanced coding and Forward Error Correction (FEC) options, DVB-S2 modulation provides broadcasters with the ability to manage inclement weather, satellite service provider limitations and bandwidth consumption; includes built-in analog, digital A/V and ASI outputs.
+1 770 814 4000;


Fiber-optic field transport system designed for field and harsh environment applications where battery-powered equipment is required; can be linked via tactical fiber cable to the company's DVM-2500, HD-1500, HD-3000 and HEMC-4000 transmitters; is fully customizable to offer virtually any signal compilation; offers support for HD, NTSC, audio, Ethernet and data; features one bidirectional, 12-bit NTSC video link and eight bidirectional audio links offering 24-bit signals, flat from 20Hz to 20KHz.
+1 516 671 7278;

IntegrityCS Series

Line of packaged video and audio processing solutions for video production and broadcast can handle multiple signal formats and image and signal manipulation requirements; provides application-specific processing in stand-alone 1RU solutions; includes local control with menu-driven operation or can control multiple devices from a single panel connected via Ethernet; features 10 1RU solutions, including color corrector, legalizer, Dolby E synchronizer with embedder/de-embedder, analog and AES multiplexer/demultiplexer, preprocessing amplifier and two models of analog-to-HD-SDI converters.
+1 416 385 2323

Schneider Optics

Camera filter removes the infrared spectrum from the light path before it reaches an HD camera's sensors, resulting in more vibrant colors and true black tones from both CCD and CMOS sensors; maintains a high modulation transfer function in the visible spectrum; its coating meets or exceeds military standards for durability.
+44 1727 759203

RF Central

Portable handheld COFDM monitor/receiver offers record and playback capabilities via a user-replaceable flash memory card; ideal for a wide range of applications, including ENG confidence monitoring; available in 2GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands; is equipped with a 5.6in high-resolution screen; receives COFDM DVB-T modulation in modes QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM.
+1 717 249 4900;


Upgrades to the TG700 modular multiformat precision video signal generator include the addition of 1080p SDI signal generation on a single link; this capability was added through the new 3Gb/s HD3G7 module, which supports both Level A and Level B 1080p SMPTE formats; the TG700 modular platform allows users to choose the output signal types they need; provides an upgrade path for those who wish to purchase a signal generator now but add 3Gb/s outputs at a later date.
+44 1344 392 000;

VCAS for DVB 2.0

Software-based security system extends the reach of its multilayered security architecture to digital broadcast content for satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcast networks where no direct return path is available; building on its initial VCAS for DVB release targeting hybrid networks, this support for DVB services can be offered with the same pay-TV headend architecture supporting IPTV and hybrid networks.
+1 858 677 7800

Olson Technology

External modulation transmitters allow analog, QAM and digital CATV signals to be transported over distances exceeding 200km at bandwidths up to 1GHz and features two usable outputs; high-performance model XL is available with DWDM capability that can be tuned to +/-1 ITU DWDM channel via front-panel controls, offers bandwidth up to 1GHz and includes adjustable SBS suppression from +13dBm to +19dBm.
+1 209 586 1022;