New Products, including Tetra Vio, WASP3D 2009, RFX-GL series, and more

Tetra VIO
Analog Way

Universal device functions as a scan converter, scaler, standard converter with TBC, audio embedder/de-embedder, switcher and interface; can convert any high-res up to 2K; with HDCP compatibility, accepts formats from computer to video and HDTV in analog or digital; connectors include BNC, HD15, DVI, mini DIN4 and RCA; supports I/O types up to 2048 × 1080 RGB and 1600 × 1200 at 60Hz in analog RGB and DVI; features four analog audio stereo in and one out, as well as one digital S/PDIF audio I/O.
+33 1 64 47 16 03

WASP3D 2009

Updated real-time, 3D graphics solution features new WASPi Mimosa and Drone Designer 2009; WASPi Mimosa allows users to present content on a touch-screen panel and offers various telestration tools, touch-based actions, and menu and other tools for building interactive scenes; Drone Designer module features new effects, including refraction, reflection, real-time shadows, bump map, x-ray and more; UBT feature enables virtually zero coding for creating basic data entry UI.
+91 120 4308 888;

QR-EX3 Gold Mount

On-camera mount allows Sony's PMW-EX3 to work with the Dionic 90 or Hytron 50 batteries, offering up to 6.5 and 3.5 hours of run time, respectively; comes standard with PowerTap connector, which provides for the powering of an on-camera light, wireless receiver or other 12V accessory.
+31 45 5639220

Code Fury/Hypnotica

Royalty-free CG background collections offer more than 50 background displays; available as HD or SD formats and as individual clips or complete collections; Code Fury features 29 clips resembling optical illusions in motion; Hypnotica includes 25 clips of brightly colored, swirling geometric shapes.
+1 541 863 4429;


IP audio decoders built around audio-over-IP distribution; receive audio from a central location and decode it for playback at branch locations; support aacPlus v2; Streaming Client firmware option enables playback of locally held, encrypted content from a USB stick; 110 adds backlit 2 × 16-character LCD to display stream metadata or file information and introduces a built-in relay.
+41 43 43322 11;

RFX-GL series
RF Central

Family of digital fixed links offers the use of different boards, allowing the units to accept analog video, E3, EI (4x), ASI or SDI inputs with the option of mixing signals together and sending all signals over a single link; available in 2GHz, 7GHz, 13GHz, 18GHz and 23GHz links; capable of high capacity up to 155Mb/s; configurable with either internal RF modules or RF outdoor units.
+44 1284 757 982;

Light Weight Support

DSLR camera support system provides easy access to all sides of the camera, monitor and external microphone I/Os, memory card and battery case, which can be opened without dismounting the camera; enables users to adapt the optical axis of the DSLR camera to the video standard.
+49 89 90 10 910;

Riedel Communications

Network system combines signal transport, routing and signal processing, and conversion into one integrated real-time network; each MediorNet mainframe provides a router for 32 × 32 720p/1080i signals, 184 × 184 SD-SDI signals, 27,000 × 27,000 AES signals or any combination of these; its open network topology supports ring, star, daisy-chain or any combinations; offers Link Cards with and without integrated CWDM multiplexing to network MediorNet mainframes with a bandwidth of up to 153Gb/s on a single fiber link.
+49 202 292 20;

LevelTrack Audio AGC
Ensemble Designs

Adds a user-configurable audio level management system to Avenue signal processing modules; automatically monitors the levels in up to eight audio channels; based on the history in each channel, gradual changes are applied to prevent the audio level from dropping below or exceeding user programmable thresholds; this automatic level control can be applied on an individual channel or stereo pair basis.

DaletPlus v3.0

Updated media asset management system features transparent support for SD/HD formats, CG production directly in Dalet Media Cutter timeline, desktop previews of video and graphics from any workstation, automated playout of graphics as secondary events and video ingest solution based on IT-based servers; third-party technology support includes SeaChange video servers and Data Direct Networks shared storage.
+44 20 7953 7501;

DVI-7510a Coax Extender

Coax extender supports HDMI v1.3 data rates up to 10.2Gb/s at distances up to 330ft (100m) with no loss of audio or video quality; uses auto-adaptive technology to adjust for varying cable lengths; supports 1080p displays and up to 1440p; consists of DVI-7511a, a transmitter that accepts HDMI input signal and converts it to four coax signals, and DVI-7512a, which accepts these four signals and converts them back to an HDMI output signal without conversion artifacts.
+32 56 62 02 11;

ClipWrap 1.1
Divergent Media

Mac application batch converts M2T files into QuickTime files by placing video data within a QuickTime container, leaving the original content intact; transcodes M2T files from native HDV into ProRes, Apple Intermediate, DVCProHD or DNxHD formats; adds downsampling to DV; doesn't require Final Cut Pro on the rewrap machine.


Control software includes a visual alarm on the display screen that notifies the operator if an attached device is being controlled from another computer; automatic network scan enables the identification of all connected products; single-display interface allows simultaneous status checking and multiproduct control; CS-7 single-license allows a chosen module to be controlled, while the ML-7 allows five or more modules to be controlled from a single GUI.
+44 208 255 2015


Graphics automation system increases the delivery speed of motion graphics, bumpers and teasers with embedded audio for news production; integrates MOS requests from news automation systems, art department graphic production and news production switchers into one seamless workflow; works with iNews, ENPS, Norcom and others to simplify taking MOS single- or multichannel graphics requests and sending them to the art department.
+1 418 834 3666;


Integrated circuit solution enables development of SFP+ modules using the same form factor and pin out as previous 8GFC solutions; designed to offer a low-cost, low-power approach that can ease the migration to 16GFC data rates; consists of a clock and data recovery (CDR) IC with integrated limiting amplifier; a CDR with integrated equalizer/laser driver IC and a transimpedance amplifier.
+49 89 35831696;

NTT Electronics

Professional 4:2:2 integrated receiver decoder supports HDTV/SDTV, AVC/H.264, and MPEG-2 and 4:2:2/4:2:0 chroma; equipped with DVB-S2/DVB-DSNG/DVB-S demodulator that supports QPSK/8PSK and 16APSK/32APSK in DVB-S2, and CCM and VCM; provides HDTV to SDTV downconversion, 1080i or 720p to 576i or 480i; audio I/Os and formats include SDI embedded, AES-3id and analog; includes built-in Ethernet interface for IP communications.
+81 42 796 2496;


BNC connectors show return loss values up to 4.5GHz and jitter-free transmission, even with uncompressed HD 1080p signals; feature a machined body with a 75? design for HDTV/DVD requirements; rear boot color-coding options are available with the BST-BNC.
+423 2372424;

StereoBrain Processor (SB-1)

HD video processor allows live viewing from a stereoscopic camera pair or other 3D video source on any of the current breed of 3D televisions; enables live 3D viewing and manipulation in post production for any 3D pair of HD-SDI sources; outputs pair of images via a single DVI/HDMI signal in interlaced or side-by-side configuration; can output overlayed left/right on a standard 2D HD monitor.
+44 20 7613 5004;

MiniBlox 4206
ISIS Group

Reclocking video distribution amplifier operates with all SDI standards from 270Mb to 3GHz; features automatic input cable equalization; provides six reclocked outputs; powered by an individual inline power supply; rack-mountable up to five units in a 1RU frame or 14 in a 2RU frame.
+44 127 636298;

MagicSoft Playout

Playout software can use SD (including PAL at 720 × 576 and NTSC at 720 × 480), HDV and full HD materials in the same playlist; works with Blackmagic Design's DeckLink or Intensity cards; supports 8-bit, 16-bit, mono and stereo audio as well as sampling rates from 8000Hz to 48,000Hz; integrates with third-party nonlinear editing software, including Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Avid; verifies clips in client application before being accepted for playout.
+40 721 643 923;


VHF panel antenna can be configured for LPTV, Class A and TV translator applications as well as Band III digital services such as DMB, DAB and DVB; constructed of brass and copper with stainless steel reflectors and brackets; available in an array of configurations for omnidirectional and directional applications.
+1 812 925 6000;

kleer colour
Gekko Technology

Adjustable, focusable, single-source, multicolor light engine uses a single-array, high-power LED that can be tuned under software control to produce millions of different color temperatures; can emulate a high-quality tungsten reference source and be switched to produce 2900K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K, in addition to a range of color gels.
+44 1926 863 366

Mediator 4

Updated broadcast workflow management platform features compliance workflow, Web browser-based user interface, advanced search tools, management metrics, reports and dashboards; manages the preparation and transcoding of content for multiformat VOD, mobile and podcasting services alongside traditional playout.
+44 118 950 2323;

Ditty Bag

Lightweight carrier comes equipped with internal removable divider and tool pouch; features multiple loops and pockets of different sizes, cold-molded laminate bottom, auxiliary strap with hook, padded neoprene shoulder strap, removable handle, nylon rain cover and external pocket; constructed of heavy-duty black and blue Cordura.
+49 89 32158 200


75mm fluid head supports a 20lb max payload; designed for lightweight DVCAM and HDV camcorders; features a 10-step counterbalance and five grades of horizontal and vertical drag; provides high precision and fast counterbalance; reduces minimum payload for a head; compatible with SOOM tripod system and FSB CELL power supply.
+44 1284 752121;

7th Heaven

HD/SD camera jib arm spans up to 26ft from its pivot; retains quick setup and dismantling capabilities as well as internal cable ducts to allow wiring to be routed inside the rig; compatible with all standard Polecam accessories, including heads, HD/SD cameras, CCUs and recorders; existing five-section Polecams can be retrofitted with new high-rigidity 26ft boom plus two new counterweights and a replacement strain relief strap.
+1 323 633 7033


Real-time, on-air 3D graphics system consists of a DELTACAST board and a custom GUI to automate the appearance of timers, stats and animations during live sports coverage; manages all graphics to overlay during the game; provides internal or external keying; operable in HD or SD; integrates user-provided graphics chart for customized system.
+32 4 239 78 84;

Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE
Boris FX

Updated graphics system features new filters, including extruded text, extruded spine, type-on text, layer deformer, smooth tone, DV fixer and pixel fixer; supports After Effects' camera and lighting system, the import of After Effects mask paths into BCC 6 AE, saving and loading of XML-based animated presets, and motion-tracking data import and export in an industry-standard format; includes a single-click custom preset navigation tool.
+1 703 462 1640;

Duende Expanded/Studio Pack
Solid State Logic

DAW plug-in collection comprises the Channel Strip, Stereo Bus Compressor, Drumstrip, X-EQ, X-Comp and Vocalstrip; available in three new packages: Mini Expanded includes Duende Mini, Channel Strip, Bus Compressor and 16- to 32-channel upgrade; Mini Studio Pack includes Duende Mini, Channel Strip, Bus Compressor, 16- to 32-channel upgrade, Drumstrip, Vocalstrip, X-EQ and X-Comp; PCIe Studio Pack includes Duende PCIe, Channel Strip, Bus Compressor, Drumstrip, Vocalstrip, X-EQ and X-Comp.

EXII 0.45X Super Fisheye

New design allows lens to fit a wider variety of cameras without vignetting; mounting options include threaded 62mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm as well as multiple bayonet mounts; adds a full .45X magnification; features 23mm length and 115mm front diameter.
+1 661 295 3313;

FxFactory v2.0.6
Noise Industries

Updated post-production software works with After Effects CS3/4, Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express application; features thumbnail previews, block dissolve to reveal variable-sized blocks in the destination image, banding-free gradient generator, working color space with select plug-ins and added support for hardware-accelerated anti-aliasing in plug-ins running inside Final Cut Pro, Motion and Express; allows plug-ins to perform high-precision rendering on systems with low available video memory.
+44 1264 326385

OpenMedia v3.6
Annova Systems

Updated newsroom system adds story bin feature to enable users to systematically link together all scripts, assets and resources relative to a specific story; system then trails these assets across the workflow to ensure consistent tracking of allocated resources and produced outputs; can automatically forward information to a third-party enterprise resource planning or data warehouse system; facilitates real-time reporting of engaged costs and budget allocations.
+49 89 158 155 0;

Quadro FX 5800

Professional graphics solution features 240 CUDA parallel processing cores, a 128-bit precision graphics pipeline, 64-bit floating point precision, 4GB GPU memory and bandwidth of up to 102GB/s, advanced color compression, fast 3-D texture transfer, frame sync and full-scene antialiasing.
+44 118 903 3000;


Ellipse 1000 encoder is designed for fixed-line contribution; features dual GigE IP, DVB-ASI and optional DVB-PDH or G.703 outputs to enable video contribution over wired communication links; Ellipse 2000 encoder with DVB-S2 is intended for digital satellite newsgathering; facilitates mobile operations for live news or event coverage by providing low-latency encoding technology to DSNG vehicles.
+41 26 350 1400

Vision AS

New range of Vision AS lightweight pan and tilt heads includes the Vision 3 AS, Vision 5 AS, Vision 8 AS and Vision 10 AS; features include a non-reflective black coating for discrete use on location, as well as ergonomic improvements; Vinten's Perfect Balance technology allows the camera to be moved in any direction under fingertip control, while the sideload camera plate feature now allows operators to mount and dismount the camera in seconds.
+44 845 671 5502;

Newsroom automation system

Newsroom automation system is based on the Kahuna SD/HD multiformat production switcher; deploys technology from Mosart Medialab; tightly integrates with newsroom computer systems via a MOS gateway; controls an array of production gear, including the Kahuna production switcher, robotic cameras, audio mixers, video servers, graphics, routers, lights and multiviewer displays; system's graphical interface is designed to be easy to use and offers clear rundowns, views of all story elements and countdowns to the next story.
+44 23 9248 9000

Cougar 3GEN

Video router offered in 32 × 32 or 16 × 16 configurations; supports all SMPTE standard data rates from 143Mb/s to 3Gb/s with auto-equalization on all inputs, as well as a 10/100 Ethernet control; features auto-rate sensing, reclocking and front-loaded, hot-swappable active circuit elements; provides two independent reference inputs, each capable of accepting analog black burst in NTSC or PAL formats as well as HD trilevel sync; can be equipped with single or dual internal power supplies and internal single or dual system controllers as options.
+1 256 726 9200;


Intended primarily as building blocks for custom intercom systems, the new components can equally build a networked commentary system or an intelligent combination of the two; the audio format of oratis follows the established studio standard — 24-bit, 48kHz with an enhanced resolution of 32 bits internally; the backbone of each oratis system is at least one matrix frame, a full-summing digital audio and control-data router; offers a multitude of I/O interfaces, so it can be customized to meet the needs of each installation.
+49 6351 13170;

CrossOver 16
Ross Video

An expansion to the CrossOver series of small-format video switchers for SD and HD production; 12-input/6-output frame is designed for those requiring only one M/E channel; includes four assignable frame syncs with format conversion, two clips stores with animation capability, two channels of 2-D DVE for PinP and 2-D transitions, high-quality UltraChrome chroma keyer available in any keyer, three keyers, custom control macros, and a three-axis joystick; existing CrossOver customers can upgrade their CrossOver 12 models to the new CrossOver 16 frame simply by swapping out the control panel.
+44 1763 248798;www.ross