UniPatch GigE

A normal-through Gigabit (Cat 5 E rated 1000baseT) patching system for demanding environments; features a high-density 32-port normalled through card frame system to ADC Direct-Edge LSA plus termination system.

Brick House Video

Is a rack-mounted version of the original Proteus-P portable/desktop switcher unit; range now offers an aspect ratio conversion option in addition to 10-bit SDI, analog video and audio I/O, an advanced standards conversion algorithm and comprehensive audio synchronization facilities; its full-width 1RU chassis features a larger display, extended navigation controls, and separate audio source and selection indication.
+44 1962 777733

Calrec Audio

High-density signal processing is now available on the Sigma digital console; enables the desk to handle 320 fully-equipped mono equivalent channels, packaged as 108 stereo and 104 mono, and configurable up to 52 full 5.1 surround channels; gives the Sigma the same bussing capabilities as the Alpha console, including 20 auxiliaries and 48 multitrack outputs; allows operators to introduce 19.6 minutes of audio delay.
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Economical turnstile, low-power broadband UHF antenna; simple feed system; uses two batwings in a turnstile design, eliminating half of the needed feedlines; allows for dual inputs supporting single channel or for the simultaneous broadcast of two or more channels without combiner.

Lyric PRO

With the graphics system, objects and scenes can be added, removed and transitioned at any point during an animation, regardless of the progress of messages already on-air; its interfuse technology enables the creation of sophisticated, one-of-a-kind looks especially suited to live news, sports and entertainment broadcasts; unique effect properties can be assigned to individual objects, graphics layers and entire scenes in interactive messages, with control over how elements enter a scene interact with each other, update and exit.


The sync and test signal generator has been extended with the optional PT8612 HD-SD test signal generator; provides four outputs of HD and SD-SDI outputs with individually selectable signals and formats; the signals include color black, color bars, monitor alignment signals and a test pattern for checking lip-sync.
+45 44 85 02 55

VIPS 3000 series

The multi-definition server provides simultaneous output of HD and SD signals; HD ingest and playout can be performed in MPEG-I, MPEG-IBP and DVCPRO HD formats; SD ingest and broadcasting of files in DV25, DV50, MPEG-I and MPEG-IBP formats are supported; available in three versions: VIPS 3412 (one input, two outputs), VIPS 3423 (two inputs, four outputs) and VIPS 3404 (four inputs, four outputs).
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2/3in DVCPRO HD camcorder; provides 4:2:2 sampling and intra-frame recording at 100Mb/s in 11 HD formats; supports 1080 59.94i/50i/20.97p/25p/23.98p/23.98pA and 720 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p for high-end productions; features 14-bit A/D conversion, a 12-axis color correction matrix, three Cine-like gamma curve modes to replicate the film look and a newly developed Dynamic Range Stretching function that automatically provides a wider dynamic range and automatically tweaks the camera for each specific shooting condition.

8200 and 7200 DSP series monitors

Built on Genelec's 8000 MDE and 7000 LSE series products; the new 8200 series bi-amplified active monitors and 7200 series active subwoofers are designed for end users who want a network speaker system that can be set up, measured, analyzed and calibrated quickly.


A complete embedded hardware-based solution for IPTV stream monitoring; when combined with a Vistalink Pro NMS, system provides tools to continuously and effectively monitor MPEG-2/H.264 signals in any IPTV network; provides auto-response scripting, multicast stream redirect and real-time monitoring; is SNMP-enabled.

IP Director

Production tools in a complete software suite; built around dedicated software modules, which feature a fully configurable user interface; combined with the EVS XT server network, it unifies key elements of the production environment and accelerates the migration to a truly tapeless workflow; includes ingest and playout control, logging, asset management, editing and highlights functions, as well as advanced browsing features.


A multi-definition color corrector for use in 1080i and 720p HD-SDI television standards, as well as 625i (PAL) and 525i (NTSC) SD; designed for graphics suites, editing facilities and transmission centers handling multiple line-rate sources; incorporates HD-SDI/SDI autosensing, which enables the unit to switch automatically to the incoming feed; input and output are both to 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI SMPTE-274 standard or SDI.
+44 1923 256 000

Newscaster DR

A digital COFDM diversity HD/SD receiver designed for portable and mobile video applications; offers DVB-T compliance at 6MHz, 7MHz and 8MHz channels; provides variable IF bandwidth from 4MHz to 16MHz in the 1.99GHz to 2.7GHz and from 4MHz to 24MHz in the 6.4GHz to 7.1GHz bands.


The low-cost newsroom editor allows low-resolution proxy preview in variable speeds directly from the chosen format (XDCAM or P2) and selection of a list of clips or subs; automatically uploads high-resolution content to shared video servers; enables management of associated metadata, creating and importing EDLs and selection MXF for transcoding the selected high-res files.
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The multi-monitor platform can be configured on a modular basis to meet specific HD/SD signal analysis requirements while allowing easy future expansion; it retains the intuitive user interface of the LV5700 and LV5750; major options include twin auto-detecting inputs, 1080p/50 dual-link, ultra-compact detachable front panel and data capture to standard USB memory pen.
+31 40 2 645 345;

Network Electronics

An IPTV gateway for the transmission of uncompressed SDI over an IP network; offers real-time, broadcast-quality contribution and distribution over WAN networks; provides user-selectable FEC modes for high QoS; is transparent to embedded AES audio or other VAC data.


A production and transmission system for SD and HD content; uses standard IT hardware and sophisticated software that significantly reduce the investment required to automate a channel; acts as a video server, master control, graphics and logo inserter with automation, ingest, editing and basic content management; integrates with video or IT storage to manage video files; can be deployed on its own or as an integrated system with OmniBus Colossus.


The data tape drive reads 300GB capacity Super DLTtape II cartridges, which are designed to hold more than six hours of HD content recorded at 100Mb/s and carry their own file system directories, allowing direct drag-and-drop access by applications on the network without the need for other software; features built-in GigE capability; is network-attached, permitting direct access by every workstation and server on the network.


Performs browse, master and router control as well as live recording and ingest from tape functionality; contains major new features for the management of broadcast systems and media workflow; allows customers to design their own user interfaces to suit individual requirements.

Snell & Wilcox

The HDTV upconverter uses motion estimation techniques based on Snell & Wilcox's Ph.C technology to produce clear and sharp HD outputs from a variety of SD inputs; also integrates Snell & Wilcox's premium HD conversion and Prefix compression preprocessing for noise reduction and dropout filtering; is 1RU; is adept both at preserving high-frequency detail in action-packed images from sporting events and at converting the fine detail in scrolling text and captions — even when signals contain a mixture of film- and video-originated material.


Based on Vizrt's Viz|Engine renderer and Adactus' MPEG-21 standards-based multimedia delivery platform; an integration of a graphics engine for mobile phone video viewing applications; graphics are sent as a separate stream from the video, producing clear graphics; available as part of a package installed on phones or can be downloaded and installed after purchase.

Leitch VelocityNX

The promotions craft editor offers a comprehensive editing and effects toolset for NEXIO server environments; ideal for broadcast production environments that need high-end post features along with shared storage, sports applications that need editing and slow-motion server output, or news operations that require additional compositing capability.

TRX900 and TRX990

The wireless microphone transceivers provide integrated audio recording, IFB receivers and time code transmission; record up to six hours of audio directly to a Flash memory card and then transfer the .WAV files to either a PC or Mac for post production.

XDCAM HD PDW-F330 and PDW-F350

Part of the XDCAM HD Series and Professional Disc system; both camcorders offer 24p recording in SD or HD, interval recording and slow shutter; the same Professional Disc media used in the SD version of the XDCAM system is also compatible with the new HD version; users can record up to two hours of HD content on the versatile optical media.


A remote program monitor designed to help MSO and cable operators monitor the quality of their broadcasts in central and remote unmanned headend facilities; monitors and records 500 or more video channels for audio and video signal integrity and notifies the operator, by e-mail or SMS alerts, if the signal does not conform to prespecified limits; monitoring includes detection of low audio levels, frozen video and missing video.

Axon Digital Design

High-end upconverter based on advanced Teranex algorithms; compatible with add-on Synapse systems; runs on two HQV Realta chips from Silicon Optix providing 2 trillion ops; two processed outputs; SD/HD-SDI input, 576i to 1080i/50 or 720p/50 conversion; 480i to 1080i/59.94 or 720p.59.94 conversion.
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