Boris Blue v2.0
Boris FX

New version of the video and film editing system features Avid AVX 2.0 plug-in integration for Windows XP Avid systems; also offers improved 3-D interactors for objects, cameras, lights and split views, 3-D camera improvements and new 3-D deformers and image processors; an expanded effects palette includes curl, shatter, glow, film process, lens flare and glint.


Digital wireless intercom system combines digital matrix technology with a locally distributed wireless network; operates in the 1.9GHz band; features enhancements including software upgrades to restore factory default settings, more rugged internal construction, improved electronics with internal silent vibrator alert and multiway battery charger.

OnAir v2.0

Playout and automation system provides flexible gallery automation for news, live shows and single-channel operations; streamlines playout by providing a single user interface to control servers, tape decks, graphics and router automation; supports manual and automated playout; features MOS and XML gateways that allow updates by third-party newsroom and traffic systems; supports an increased set of external devices and video cart wall playout interface.

Aria 2000

Single-box Internet acceleration product supports all line speeds from 768K DSL/cable to 1Gb/s and beyond; requires no hardware or software on the receiving end; works with any operating system on the send and receive side; features 2X to 32X transfer speed increase in field tests and native TCP enhancement that is fully standards-compliant.

Mark IV

Equipment rack allows more to be accommodated in individual racks while increasing cabling capacity; available in depths of 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm, and various finishes and colors; 800mm version can achieve a total cable tray width of 1200mm, which allows for greater flexibility during the installation and wiring stages, as well as an even weight distribution; features greater airspace for cooling and an adjustable intermediate mounting profile.
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Codex Portable
Codex Digital

High-resolution portable recorder captures moving images from one or two channels of 4:4:4 HD to 4K with eight channels of sound and metadata onto hot-swappable removable DiskPacks; allows all recorded material to be accessed via network; interfaces with many digital camera systems; features comprehensive I/O connections and interfacing, carbon fiber casing, built-in touch-screen interface and future expandability.

Nova73 HD

Audio router is scalable up to 8192 mono channels; synchronous system has defined latency of few samples; features a variety of interfaces and direct ATM link; 96kHz and Dolby E-compatible with integrated signal processing; features STAR2 architecture and redundancy options; operation during servicing or refitting is not interrupted; hot-plugging is no longer restricted.

BrightDrive T×P
Bright Systems

High-speed, high-capacity portable drive system enables users to transfer media at real-time 2K or 300MB/s speeds; performs automatic checking and verification of the data set at the final destination to ensure end-to-end integrity; minimizes time spent transporting data between disparate systems when ingesting and offloading; chassis holds four transportable drive capsules, each with a 1.5TB capacity.

Scientific Atlanta

MPEG-4/H.264 toolset delivers high-quality HD and SD video at bandwidth-saving bit rates; features a flexible stat mux architecture to enable content distributors the ability to mix SD and HD content in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats.

Riedel Communications

Panel multiplexers can be used to remote four (PMX-2004) or eight (PMX-2008) intercom panels; enables the operation of a group of intercom panels over 500m or 2km; provides four BNCs to connect to matrix ports or panels, as well as a duplex LC fiber connector; holds two modules to allow eight intercom panels to be remoted from the matrix via two fiber links; features four LEDs on the front panel that can be used at the matrix end or panel end of the fiber link.

Operal v3.0
Marquis Broadcast

Process design and documentation system features detailed mathematical process simulation and modeling; a graphics-based task analysis tool provides full graphical representation of multiple high-level processes; enables broadcasters to run real-time operational simulations of proposed digital workflows; performs the simulation over a set time period and displays results graphically; includes a task timeline that details all activities, inputs and processes for each workflow.

CleanEdit Suite

Production system is designed for sports and news; allows multiple users to take advantage of a common pool of media; offers ingest applications with ingest scheduler and VTR control, browsing, clipping and media management, editing in proxy or high resolution in native HD and SD formats, and immediate playout.
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Omnia ONE

Digital audio coding platform monitors content and dynamically optimizes processing for the target encoder; features a wideband gain rider plus four-band AGC, look-ahead final limiting optimized for digital radio, SENSUS codec conditioning technology, time-aligned and dynamically flat crossovers, selectable phase rotation, and a full-featured I/O section that includes analog and AES/EBU connections.

Miranda Technologies

Graphics authoring and rendering platform incorporates advanced processing technology from Ventuz; integrates closely with Xmedia Suite template-based graphics workflow tools; offers texture and material mappings, shading, 3-D lighting and dynamic motions; uses a template-oriented structure that simplifies authoring, control and graphics re-use.


Digital switcher includes frame synchronizer for every input, up to 16 SD inputs and outputs, six keyers and six channels of 3-D DVE; allows 120 seconds of uncompressed video recording and provides two channels (key/fill) with simultaneous playback for video insert, CG wipe or slow-motion playback; users can add 2-D DVE in every input, delivering up to 32 DVE channels.

TreStar P
Staco Energy Products

Online double conversion, three-phase uninterruptible power supplies for critical loads feature a digital control system and enable up to eight TreStar P modules to be installed in parallel; process signals 10 times faster than analog methods; include a front control panel with LCD screen, input circuit breaker and internal maintenance bypass.

T6 Alu

Tripod system for the DV/HDV market includes a ground spreader, padded bag and fluid head that comes with a two-step drag control, vertical and horizontal breaks, and a sliding balance system with quick-locking plate to center the camera.


PACLR1 left/right speaker adapter and PACCC1 center-channel speaker adapter offer a low-profile, lightweight design for easy installation; feature advanced adjustability to position speakers flush with the screen; ship preassembled and include cable management clips; fit flat-panel screens up to 50in; PACCC1 provides up to 5in of height adjustment; PACLR1 reaches a fully extended width of almost 54in.

FlashNet v6.2

New version of the data archive and management software adds enhancements such as error monitoring for both storage devices and media, as well as additional functionality within StorageManager to allow manual movement of material between different layers of storage hierarchy with enhanced grouping functionality; allows Avid Interplay users to manage their archive storage transparently for any number of users.

FlipFactory v6.0

New release for transcoding workflow automation product line includes simultaneous transcoding while ingesting from tape with the company's Pipeline network encoder, support for HD commercial and syndication workflows, a screen subtitle option, auto-publishing of metadata with media to more video sharing Web sites, integrated two-pass Flash 8 encoding, and support for even more formats.

Express Live

Platform provides live streaming for Adobe Flash 8/9, VC-1 and H.264 files; incorporates the company's TimeSlice technology, which accelerates the encoding process by multiple factors, increases picture quality and reduces the required bandwidth for video file transmission; encodes and transmits live two-pass VBR video at full SD and HD quality at consumer-level broadband speeds.


System for implementing a wide-area urban cellular diversity receive network features four ASI inputs with loop-through packet switching that provide switching of up to four cellular receive sites, and a switchable HD/SD full-format MPEG-2 decoder and NTSC/PAL capability; offers a low signal acquisition time and genlock on all analog format inputs; provides two SDI/ASI outputs, USB/Ethernet and RS-232 remote control.

XX-HE series

Three-pole connectors include velour chromium housing and machined gold contacts; feature improved chuck-type strain relief for higher pull-out force and faster, easier assembly and boots with a polyurethane gland, which provides more protection from cable bending stresses; male connector (NC3MXX-HE) is designed with improved locking recess without window for more stringent housing and increased durability; female connector (NC3FXX-HE) has improved solid metal latch, which is larger and easier to handle.

DV Balancer

Shoulder brace for cameras up to 9lb; features a design for cameras that have the eyepiece of the viewfinder on the back of the housing; the shoulder pad and breast rest absorb the weight of the camera by keeping the hands free for controlling the camera; memory clip ensures that the previous setting can immediately be used again.
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Media 100 v12.0
Media 100

The new editing system adds support for progressive frame formats including real-time SD crossconversion from 4:3 to 16:9, a new time code burn-in feature and deeper integration with the Boris FX product line; enables users to edit in almost any format with greater control over effect compositions including professional color correction techniques with support for 16-bit color.

LightSnake USB MIDI
SoundTech Professional Audio

Intelligent MIDI-to-PC cable connects with any standard MIDI instrument or controller and plugs directly into the PC USB port; provides both MIDI in/out, allowing the computer to communicate with and control a wide range of gear; features glowing cable ends when properly connected, 10ft heavy-duty shielded cable, Sony Media Software Demo DVD and USB plug-and-play connectivity.

Solid State Logic

Compact, assignable console for sweetening and mix creation features trilevel sync support, serial control of HD VTRs, enhanced 96kHz feature set with provision for up to 16 discrete audio channels, pec/direct switch option, three- or four-channel side/rear surround panning, DAW control with softkey commands, optional four-port MADI daughter card, more than 500 mix inputs and 80 mix busses and integrated 128-input, multiformat surround monitoring; fully scalable from eight to 96 faders, or up to 512 channels.

DiamondBack 4×4
Telecast Fiber Systems

Video multiplexer handles four bidirectional NTSC/PAL channels and dedicated 10/100 Ethernet connectivity; supports the company's Adder line of audio, intercom and data multiplexers; features an optional integrated optical switch that provides for full optical redundancy, dual DC power inputs, a front-panel display, a front-panel BNC and a private service channel that provides for point-to-point headset communications.


Quality management solution for IPTV; provides IPTV content aggregators and IPTV operators with a suite of tools spanning the entire content delivery chain, allowing operators to track QoS problems from a single customer through the network to the headend; a graphical consolidation of information from multiple nodes with the network enables IPTV operators to find, isolate and troubleshoot quality-related issues the fastest way possible.

EM 3732

Twin wireless receiver with 90MHz switching bandwidth features high-quality audio performance, numerous connection options, scanning function and transmitter synchronization via infrared interface; has six user-selectable fixed frequency banks and one user bank with up to 60 channels that can be programmed in increments of 5kHz; automatically searches for free frequencies within frequency banks.