24-bit/96kHz linear PCM recorder includes four built-in microphones — two cardioids and two omnidirectional; a pair of XLR microphone inputs with phantom power enables the use of pro-grade condenser microphones, and line in and out connectors are also provided; features include balanced line inputs, S/PDIF digital inputs and locking connectors; ideal for high-end portable recording, DSLR filmmaking and post-production effects gathering.

TM3 TouchMonitor

Audio monitor includes the features of the larger TM7 and TM9 versions, but with a lower cost for the basic stereo version and a 4.3in touchscreen; features PPM and true peak measurements; offers loudness metering in compliance with all globally relevant standards, include EBU R128, ITU BS.1770-2/1771, ATSC A/85 and ARIB; instruments include single-channel and summing bar graphs, an LRA instrument and numerical displays.

3Play 425

Four-input, two-output slow-motion system supports the simultaneous display, recording and instant replay of all channels; designed to give users an affordable option to deliver instant replay and slow motion for broadcast, webcast, arena scoreboard displays and more, without sacrificing quality; existing customers of the NewTek TriCaster can incorporate 3Play 425 into their programming over Ethernet, freeing up the live video inputs for cameras.


Pan/tilt/zoom camera delivers full HD video capture in an integrated PTZ system; features a fast 20X zoom lens and three 2.2-megapixel ULT MOS imagers supporting HD imaging; produces high-quality video in a wide range of shooting conditions; equipped with the same sensors and DSP used in Panasonic broadcast camcorders like the AG-HPX370; offers a signal-to-noise ratio approaching 60dB, 1000 TV lines of resolution, and advanced features such as 16-axis color correction and Panasonic's Dynamic Range Stretch; both HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs are standard.

Crystal Vision

Combines a video synchronizer, tracking audio delay, embedder, de-embedder, audio processor and video proc-amp — all on one 4in × 10.5in board; features four-group audio handling, advanced processing of Dolby E, integrated fiber connectivity and flexible delay compensation; simplifies systems design for those working with 3Gb/s, HD or SD sources in AES and Dolby E environments; can be used as a video synchronizer or as a delay line.

Interplay Media Asset Manager (MAM) 4

New version of enterprise media management system features an intuitive user interface to facilitate workflow collaboration; easily scalable; lets users network their operations, control movement of media between Interplay MAM and storage systems, configure metadata, and leverage an SOA-type structure to easily integrate in-house and third-party applications; new features include Interplay Common Playback Service, a Web-based media player that lets users view, annotate, add metadata, log and create shot lists with any cataloged media from any location.

OTM/OTR software upgrade

Version 2.3 of the software for the OTM and OTR waveform analysis and test signal generation systems introduces GEN_2, a software option that adds a second test signal generator; this gives the capacity to output two images or sequences at the same time — one to SDI OUT 1 and the other to SDI OUT 2; additional features include a Loudness Range display and True Peak versions of PPM displays.

SeaChange International
MediaServer 1200XD

Video server is equipped with flash SSD drives; latest addition to the company's MSV1200 range of video servers; features up to 26 percent lower power consumption and up to 30 times lower failure rate in a stand-alone unit; offers flexibility in resolution and video formats, making it ideal for channel expansion and adding HD capabilities; at 3RU, the server holds up to 4.8TB of media data with RAID 6 dual-parity data protection.