SED Systems

One-half size PCI card uses digital technology and Fast Fourier Transformations to make quick, accurate measurements; accepts all L-band signals from 950MHz to 2150MHz and input power levels ranging from -75dBm to -5dBm; draws power with PCI connection; communicates via built-in Ethernet port; accessible locally or remotely by any network-connected location; provides SNMP status interface.

xStack DGS-3612G

Multilayer, single IP management 12-port gigabit switch supports IPv4 and IPv6 routing; provides virtual stacking functionality that allows up to 32 units to be managed via a single IP address; features support for 12 1000BASE-X and/or 100BASE-FX fiber transceivers; designed for long-distance connections of more than 330ft when paired with another switch in departmental buildings.

HMI line

Extensive line of portable lighting includes the lightweight 18W and 24W HMI as well as 200W and 400W HMI; provides more than 80lm/W efficiency; features on-board batteries with 200 watt hours in Li-Ion and 150 watt hours in NiMH; balanced for natural daylight at 5500K with a 92-color rendering index.

GN ESP series
AKG Acoustics

Gooseneck microphones feature a programmable mute switch, rugged construction, self-cleaning capsule contacts and hidden controls with jumpers inside; offer high radio frequency interference immunity and XLR connector; provide gold-plated contacts and an LED ring to display mic status.

apt-X Live

New coding technology delivers compression of up to 8:1 while retaining acoustics and ultra-low delay; features include a single-chip implementation, mono/stereo audio encoder/decoder; up to 22.5kHz stereo duplex with a single device, sampling rate of up to 48kHz, linear phase response and embedded auxiliary data transmission up to 12kb/s.

AirSpeed v2.5
Avid Technology

Video ingest and playout server runs in Avid Unity shared storage environment and as a standalone server; connects directly to the company's editing workstations over a network to provide direct ingest and playout to and from these systems; features include 720p/50 ingest, direct output of longitudinal time code and backup DNS server support.

HR-1-P and HR-2

Direct-to-disk video recorders store recorded clips as QuickTime or AVI files immediately viewable on Intel-based Macs and Windows computers; HR-1-P records more than 10 hours, at 160Mb/s, in 1920 × 1080 10-bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI using the CineForm Intermediate format; includes a hot-swappable media drive for an optional 160GB solid-state disk to hold more than two hours of video; HR-2 for digital film acquisition records in 10-bit 4:4:4 using the CineForm 444 format at 360Mb/s.

Daptor Three
JK Audio

Wireless audio interface offers 20kHz stereo audio playback through cell phones and portables using Bluetooth wireless technology; features XLR mono balanced line input/output, 3.5mm stereo line input/output and 9V DC battery; weighs 7oz and measures 4.4in × 2.7in × 1.2in.

SkyRAY Light
ND SatCom

Lightweight, robust mobile VSAT antenna subsystem features an aerodynamic design, fast deployment and plug-and-play operation; fits any vehicle's standard roof bars; can be integrated in mobile IP VSAT applications for vertical markets such as disaster recovery, business continuity, governmental applications and broadcasting.

Chief Manufacturing

Mobile carts provide toolless telescoping height adjustment; the PFCU is tailored for 42in to 63in screens, and the MFCU is for 30in to 50in screens; feature Centris technology, providing fingertip adjustable tilt; allow for quick assembly and hide cables out of sight with integrated cable management; fit in doorways and corners with compact angled base; include lockable rear wheels for added stability.

DVDO iScan VP50
Anchor Bay Technologies

HD video processor and A/V hub converts SD, HD (including 1080p) and PC signals from DVD players, HD-DVD players, Blu-ray players, HD DVRs, game consoles and PCs to any output resolution between VGA and 1080p, including HDTV resolutions 720p and 1080i; features Video Reference Series technologies.

D-Cube-News v3.0

Tapeless live news production system integrates input, editing, approval, broadcasting and post-transmission archiving on a single platform; features a more intuitive user interface, integration with other Dayang newsroom solutions, optimization for remote and offline news editing, and native MOS support.
+852 2730 2117;

STP cables

Shielded twisted pair Plenum-rated, low- capacitance cables; available in two- or three-pair configurations and in 500ft and 1000ft lengths; feature 22 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors and a common 24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire; include Beldfoil aluminum/polyester foil shield that reduces the potential for noise ingress/egress.

C DX 3610
LYNX Technik

Multiformat, multimode HD downconverter auto-detects and self-configures to the input signal; functions as an SDTV D/A converter or an HDTV downconverter with analog and digital video outputs; functions as a multiformat analog and digital test pattern generator; supplies several test signals for analog and digital applications; provides automatic color space conversion and several selectable output formats; offers on-board aperture correction.

Snell & Wilcox

Enables broadcasters and content owners to master content once and repurpose it for multiple distribution platforms; workstation combines image conditioning tools, content mastering, quality control and content repurposing functionality.


HANABI 1.5 M/E switcher supports all major HD formats, as well as 525/60 and 625/50; offers three types of control panels, including 16- and 24-button and a rack-mountable 12-button, as well as a high-performance DVE capable of real 3-D DVE effects; accommodates an optional two quad split-screen function; supports 16 inputs and 10 standard aux output buses; supports up to four channels for upconverter input or downconverter output.

Unity 550-2

Enterprise media receiver includes MPEG-4 ABC video coding for SD/HD and DVB-S2 modulation; streams to additional WEGENER decoders that are addressable over existing internal IP networks; features Compel Control, which makes product backward-compatible with the company's DVB receivers; provide hands-free satellite downlink operations to remotely monitor and reconfigure Unity receivers.

Studio Network Solutions

Shared workstation storage specifically developed for post-production workgroups, integrates a NAS and SAN into one system; includes Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS into a single product; ships with 4TB of storage and can accommodate up to six direct connect Mac and PC clients via 4GB/s FC and iSCSI over GigE.


Customizable panels and plates provide maximum electrical isolation between connectors; available in various sizes and shapes, including standard gang plates, wall plates and rack panels, and a thickness of either 1/8in or 1/4in; feature nonmetallic cell cast acrylic and rear engraving; UV stabilized for outdoor use; available in 10 colors and gloss or matte with no glare finish.


Multiformat CMOS camera meets the size requirements for gyro-stabilized aerial camera mounts; minimizes the number of camera input and output signals with one-piece design, simplifying signal transport; features low power consumption; provides multiformat 1080i or 720p HD image capture.

Command Channel

Option for the SKM 5200 handheld mic transmitter, EK 3241 portable receiver and the EM 3532, 3032 and 1046 rack-mounted receivers; provides a second audio channel between the transmitter and receiver that permits a variety of secondary functions to be implemented for broadcast and live performance applications.


Compact, lightweight A-Format mic for stereo and 5.1 surround recording; offers software plug-in A-Format to B-Format conversion and stereo and surround-sound decoding and manipulation in place of an outboard control unit; can capture 5.1-, 6.1- and 7.1-channel audio and simultaneous stereo with variable width; comprises four low-noise, studio grade condenser capsules; offers standard 48V phantom power; relies on included software for all format conversion, decoding and manipulation.
+44 1924 201089

ZL series

Series of travel pack ENG batteries contains no lithium, allowing users to carry them in luggage on airplanes; comprises 50W/h and 150W/h battery packs compatible with V-Mount, PAGlok or NP1 formats.

RemoteMix 4
JK Audio

Portable four-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier routes audio through cell phones and portables using Bluetooth wireless technology; offers up to 20kHz audio bandwidth; features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface and a 2.5mm cell phone interface.

C DX 3624
LYNX Technik

HD downconverter adds embedded audio support; de-embeds complete audio payload from the SDI input, automatically delays it to compensate for the video processing delay and re-embeds it back into the SDTV outputs; can be used as SDTV de-embedder and D/A converter or to generate multiple test patterns with multiformat outputs.


SD memory card camcorder features a water/impact-resistant and dust-proof construction without moving parts; 10X optical zoom, quick-start technology, 2.7in LCD and a 2GB SD card capable of holding up to 100 minutes of video in LP mode.

Flex Control Network Station Playout System
DNF Controls

Modular, Ethernet-based, real-time machine control system provides control over video server channels for on-air playout and video clip ingest; controls a source VTR for ingest; supports segmented program playout; generates an as-run log; offers a redundant playout option; plays out a list of clips, under manual control of an operator, at the press of a key or GPI trigger.

TRX800 and ZFR800

TRX800 handheld wireless microphone and ZFR800 handheld wireless recorder provide internal recording capabilities for applications where sound quality and mobility are equally important; TRX800 handheld uses digital modulation and produces a time code-referenced recording that serves as a back-up; offer audio quality equivalent to AES audio on a hardwired cable.


Storage and retrieval system supports large numbers of simultaneous users, with 24/7 access to live and archived HD content from the desktop using a Microsoft Internet Explorer-compatible interface; allows broadcasters to record, store, search, retrieve and view HD material in real time from multiple broadcast sources and from any desktop within the broadcast facility.

Furnace 4
The Foundry

Version 4 plug-ins offer a suite of more than 30 image-processing tools for use with Apple's Shake, many of which automate time-consuming processes in the creation of digital effects.

Telecast Fiber Systems

Transceiver system combines the functionality of Telecast's Python II series of transmitters and receivers with the CWDM wavelength functionality of the company's Teleport system; accepts both optical and electrical digital signals, ranging from 19.4Mb/s up to 1.5Gb/s uncompressed HD/SDI; multiplexes the signals for transmission in either or both directions, with up to 16 optical signals on one fiber.

D VD 3601
MiniModule LYNX Technik

Multimode unit facilitates SD/HD downconversion and functions as an SD/HD distribution amplifier and multiformat test generator; processes any embedded audio up to eight AES channels and four audio groups; features selectable SD 4:3 output modes, including letterbox, center cut and stretch to fill, and automatic color space conversion; provides full 10-bit processing.

PESA Cheetah DRS 64×64

Distributed routing switcher offers all AES/analog/time code or mix with 64 AES or analog inputs by 64 analog or AES outputs; features include Dolby E routing, soft switching and delay functionality in the input and output frames; delays an incoming frame-synced video signal coming into the router; matches processing delay in the video with audio output delay.


HD lens features 88X magnification with the widest focal length of 8.8mm to 777mm telephoto; is ideal for large sporting events, with its ability to capture wide-angle shots or long-range close-ups in 16:9, 4:3 HD or SD; is equipped with Fujinon's GO-Technology, which improves image resolution and chromatic aberrations at all focal lengths.


HD/SD 17in multiformat color monitor provides a space-saving solution for mobile production trucks, large HD control rooms and camera-equipped aircraft; integrates LCD panel with improved 170-degree total viewing angle; features improved renditions of flesh tones and other visuals that demand critical viewing in broadcast applications.

StorNext 3.0

Data management software extends high performance, resilient data sharing to LAN servers and integrates the company's data de-duplication technology to reduce data retention costs; enables applications to access shared storage faster; Dynamic Resource Allocation increases uptime; allows users to scale storage by adding or swapping out disk arrays while the system is active.

DLX series

Series of chassis connectors is an enhanced version of the DL XLR connectors; features compact, all-metal housing for RF protection and electromagnetic shielding; duplex ground contact provides contact integrity between chassis and cable connector; offers a male connector designed with a metal retention bar for improved pull-out force.

HC 577
AKG Acoustics

Headset mic is moisture- and perspiration-resistant; features an adjustable headband, dual-ear temple pieces and dual-diaphragm technology; offers flexibility with an adjustable length, flexible mic boom and choice of left- or right-hand use; incorporates a CK77 omnidirectional transducer and is compatible with all standard AKG wireless systems.


Color analyzer set measures both CRT and LCD monitors; includes an LCD probe, a CRT probe and a display unit; the LCD probe has a stand to hold it steady in front of the monitor screen, while the CRT probe comes with a suction cup to secure it to the screen; is packaged in a suitcase, making it easy to transport and offering it protection when it is not in use; ideal for facilities making the switch from CRT to LCD monitors.

CleanEdit Suite

Production system designed for sports and news allows multiple users to take advantage of a common pool of media; offers ingest applications with ingest scheduler and VTR control, browsing, clipping and media management, editing in proxy or high resolution in native HD and SD formats, and immediate playout.

Anchor Bay Technologies

Video processing chip features Video Reference series technologies, including Precision Deinterlacing, 10-bit Precision Video Scaling II and Progressive Reprocessing, which reverts the progressive video signal output from source equipment to its original interlaced format, then converts the interlaced signal to progressive format to eliminate degrading effects.

DashBoard Control System
Ross Video

OS-independent software application allows users to control and monitor operations within any network using intuitive GUIs; monitors and controls a wide variety of multivendor solutions in the openGear platform; features systemwide alarm reporting, instant access to multiple control windows, in-field card upgradeability and save and recall of control and monitoring layouts.

DiviCatch v4.0
ENENSYS Technologies

Compact USB self-powered broadcast recorder/analyzer includes software featuring MPEG-2 TS real-time table parsing and bit-rate monitoring; now integrates standardized ETR290 guidelines that provide an exhaustive overview of elements that matter for the transmission of a stream; splits parameters tested in ETR290 over three priorities; implements parameters and alerts the user each time an element in the data stream exceeds preset boundaries.
+33 1707 25170;

Professional Disc for XDCAM

Optical media for XDCAM high-definition video systems designed for professional video and broadcast direct-to-disc tapeless recording; provides 23.3GB of high-capacity storage, fast transfer rates and a high-precision polycarbonate plastic cartridge to protect against dust, scratches and fingerprints; offers 122 minutes of record and playback time in the MPEG HD LP mode, more than 65 minutes in the MPEG HD HQ mode, about 45 minutes at 50Mb/s in the MPEG IMX mode, and up to 85 minutes in the DVCAM mode.


An HD studio lens designed for stations using ENG-type cameras for studio applications as well as those employing smaller field production units; features a focal length ranging from 7mm to 154mm; ideal for shooting in tight locations and smaller studios; incorporates a belt drive for zoom and focus, enabling smooth and precise operation.

OmniBus Systems

Content management system moves the content process from specialized hardware to a standard IT platform; features soft-XML support for customized logging and annotation, frame-accurate proxy generation and viewing, full-text indexing and searching, seamless integration with production editing systems such as Avid and Final Cut Pro, and standardized Web services data exchange with adjacent systems.

Omega with Bluefin
Calrec Audio

Small digital console with high-density signal processing and 160 mono DSP paths; features 8 × 5.1 surround, stereo or audio groups, and 20 auxiliary outputs (20 mono or 10 stereo) and 48 outputs for multitrack or general-purpose feeds; comes in three frame sizes with 24, 32 or 48 faders.
+44 142 284 2159;

Media Wall
Custom Consoles

Multichannel monitor rack incorporates height-adjustable horizontal beams suspended between 2m silver anodized aluminum supports; uses pivoting VESA and plasma-mount fittings for the attachment of large and small panels; enables expandable housing of power and video wiring with a horizontal cable duct beneath each monitor mounting beam routed to a vertical coil.
+44 1525 379 909

PF1 and MF1
Chief Manufacturing

Stands feature telescoping design, Centris technology and a low-profile base with steel construction; the PF1 is for 42in to 63in screens, and the MF1 is for 30in to 50in screens, available in single or dual display models; include optional accessories such as a custom travel case and accessory shelf.


Cable connector designed for EMI protection comprised of three-pole male/female XLR cable connectors with integrated LC filters, which avoid the RD interference and LF noise; includes a 360-degree shield contact on the female connector to ensure the best possible shielding and chassis contact.

Fortel 603

Distribution/signal processing frame features 20 slots, redundant internal power supplies, frame controller cards and cooling fans in a 3RU frame; creates a powerful, flexible platform to house distribution amplifier cards.

Observer RPM

Remote program monitor designed to help MSO and cable operators monitor the quality of their broadcasts in central and remote unmanned headend facilities; monitors and records 500 or more video channels for audio and video signal integrity; notifies the operator, by e-mail or SMS alerts, if the signal does not conform to prespecified limits.

NexGuard for STBs
Thomson Technology

Video watermarking technology designed for set-top-box companies, conditional-access system vendors and VOD/push-VOD operators; works with compression codecs, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC and VC-1; has been integrated into ST Microelectronics' STx7100 family of System-on-Chips; deters illegal copying and distribution of all forms of broadcast content delivered via IPTV, satellite, cable or traditional broadcast and viewed with digital STBs.

Media Distribution System

Eight-output MDS-108 and 12-output MDS-112 models are designed for applications where one mic is split to multiple video recorders or cameras; features 1/4in and XLR input connectors, as well as transformer-isolated channels; can drive several outputs; includes 1/8in connectors on the first two output channels and 20dB pads with ground lift switches on the input section; multiple MDS units can be daisy chained together to provide more than 12 outputs.