New Panther Twister Dolly offers agile performance

Panther has announced the new Twister Dolly, a doorway dolly designed for agility and versatility.

The central feature of the Twister Dolly is the combined tire and track wheels. They allow for camera movements on 2ft gauge track or on the ground without the need for time-consuming conversion. The Twister glides with an overall width of 31in through any door with ease.

By the three selectable steering modes — front, rear and round-a-round — the Twister Dolly twists in all directions and navigates exactly as intended. Depending on what’s needed, the front or back wheels move independently from each other or all four wheels move together. The Twister Dolly offers a minimum inner turning radius of 20in.

Both steering axes have an optimized steering geometry for cornering with low dynamic friction and accurate movements; thus, circular shots are also repeatable without tracks.

The Twister Dolly will be available in early 2008.

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