Neumann turns 80 with new microphone

Microphone manufacturer Neumann is celebrating its 80th anniversary with the introduction of the new TLM 67 microphone.

The TLM (transformer-less microphone) 67 has the shape of the old U67, but with a different sound. The U67 was a tube microphone, but the new TLM has a special circuit, which creates the typical sound of the old U67 tube mic. It also features a special color so that it can be easily distinguished from a regular U87 or U67, and carries a metal emblem to reflect the company’s 80 years.

The TLM 67 was on show at AES Europe alongside the Solution-D microphones, KMD miniature mics, and other products drawn from the Neumann portfolio.

A TLM 67 will be awarded to one entrant in each of three categories that test participants’ knowledge of musical history since the mid-20th century. The competition relating to music in the 1950s is already underway at the dedicated 80th anniversary Web site (, with challenges concerning the 1970s and today’s music scene set to open on June 2 and Aug. 1, respectively.

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