Net Insight to equip mobile and digital TV network designated for launch in Asia

Net Insight has been selected to supply Nimbra equipment for a national mobile TV and digital terrestrial TV network in Asia. The company has not disclosed the name of the client, which plans to launch the DVB-T/H-based services during the first quarter of the year.

The initial order for the project includes Nimbra nodes to cover the capital as well as additional transmitter sites for distribution of DVB-T and DVB-H signals. The project has a potential for additional Nimbra nodes along with the planned network expansion in conjunction with the client’s service rollout.

The Nimbra platform has several unique features for DTT and mobile TV networks such as time transfer for GPS-free time synchronization. In addition, Nimbra offers solutions for delivering advanced multimedia services in broadcast and media networks and for IPTV/CATV distribution.

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