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NEP, Skyway Studios Install LED ‘Smart Stage’ in Nashville

(Image credit: NEP)

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—NEP Group has partnered with Skyway Studios on the installation of what it says is the first general-production LED “smart stage” for local and national broadcasts and live events.

The NEP-Skyway smart stage uses ultra high-resolution LED technology to make a traditional flat-wall stage into a true 3D environment using a virtual backdrop. The stage measures in at 38x20x14 feet and is designed to accommodate concerts, news and other broadcast or event productions.

The smart stage is part of a more than 150,000-square-foot facility that opened last week and offers four full-size sound stages and virtual insert stages. Additional features for using the smart stage include space to practice social distancing; limited labor needed to install and operate the stage; 24/7 production availability; 24-hour campus security; and full studio amenities, including hair, makeup and executive greenrooms.

The video content and 3D graphics for the smart stage were created by Lightborne Communications.

“Thanks to our partnership with Skyway Studios and the content talents of Lightborne, we can offer a creative, cost-effective option in a virtual, safe environment to our clients,” said Graham Andrews, global president of NEP Live Events. “The visual opportunities and types of productions that can use this facility are almost endless.”

To learn more about the Nashville Smart Stage, contact Andy Gerber at