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NDS offers conditional access to Indian cable market

NDS has launched a new conditional access solution for the Indian cable TV market called VideoGuard Express. The system has been preintegrated with a set-top box and electronic program guide (EPG) ready for fast deployment. VideoGuard offers a low-cost solution that includes an upgrade path for operators to implement new features and services in the future.

Many cable operators across India are looking for a conditional access solution they can implement now to support their pay-TV business and comply with government regulations to deploy conditional access. The new system includes the VideoGuard Express headend and patented smart card technology.

VideoGuard Express offers fast channel change time and a convenient upgrade path to implement MediaHighway middleware. This facilitates the development of pay-TV and interactive services, including the company’s customizable EPG, call center-based pay-per-view and NVOD. Fast software upgrade options ensure a simple, future-proof solution for operators and their subscribers.

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