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NAB Show Product Review: Monitors

There were monitors filled with eye candy all throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year 4K displays had mostly replaced 3D screens, but new technologies promised enhanced visual splendor for digital content creators.

Craig Knudsen (L) with Dolby Laboratories answers questions about Dolby Vision from Ericsson’s John Mitchell. AEQ which recently merged with Kroma Telecom, introduced the new QuadSplit QS monitor line of monitors offeringthe best features of Kroma’s successful LM7000 series and boasting an exclusive new tool—an on-screen clock.

BOLAND COMMUNICATIONS brought new slim LED backlit models in 24-, 26-, 32-, 42-, 55- and 72-inch sizes with built-in speakers, gamma and color temperature adjustments. Each display is factory calibrated to SMPTE 709 specifications.

CANON marked the NAB debut of its first ever professional reference display. The DP-V3010 4K reference display supports 4K digital cinema-centric and 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) source image formats. It also includes sophisticated internal upconversion from HD/2K to 4K.

DATAVIDEO arrived in Vegas with its new TLM-170P 17-inch tiltable tabletop LCD monitor that accepts inputs including 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 1080p via HDMI. They also introduced its sibling, the TLM-170HM/HR, which is a 1RU rack-mountable design. Both offer 1600 x 900 resolution.

Although not yet available, DOLBY LABORATORIES presented the latest incarnation of its Dolby 3D glasses-free display, and hosted several demonstrations of its Dolby Vision enhanced 2D imagery technology.

Demonstrating its 8.8 megapixels (4096 x 2160) native resolution, EIZO brought its latest 4K evaluation monitor in the ColorEdge line. As yet unnamed, EIZO’s latest comes with a built-in calibration sensor and produces 120 candela brightness.

As the flagship of their CM series, FLANDERS SCIENTIFIC introduced new CM250, a 24.5-inch multiformat OLED reference monitor with 3G/Dual-Link/ HD/SD-SDI, component, composite, and- DVI-I inputs. FSI also introduced the new CM171 lightweight (6.4 pounds) 17-inch native HD 1920 x 1080 LCD monitor boasting 13 standard scopes and meters.

Now partnering with Ruige and Konvision, IKAN unveiled their new line of D-Series monitors including the 5-inch DX5 with True Color 1920 x 1080 IPS panels, waveform and the ability to cross convert HDMI and SDI signals. They also had two new lighter and thinner models of their M-series displays, the 7-inch MRL7 and the MDL7.

IKEGAMI brought out their next-generation Grade-1 monitors, the HEM-2570W 25-inch and HEM-1770 17-inch full HD high-performance OLED monitors. Both support 10 patterns x 10 scenes for user markers, a USB terminal for functions including auto setup, image-saving, full-screen capturing and mouse connection.

Sony’s Gary Mandle stands by the company’s new PVM A250 OLED production monitor.JVC showcased its PS-840UD ProVerité 4K 84-inch quad HD (3840 x 2160) ELED illuminated LCD monitor at its booth.

The new MD7 7-inch LED field monitor introduced by MANIOS DIGITAL& FILM is designed to complement most popular DSLR cameras. Less than one-inch thick, weighing only 12.9 ounces and available in three kits, the MD7offers high resolution (1280 × 800), high brightness (400 cd/m2) and high contrast (800:1).

MARSHALL ELECTRONICS showcased its evaluation-grade 10-bit, ultra-wide gamut QVW-2710 27-inch monitor at the show. It has four independent 3G-SDI inputs to enable users to view full 4K (4096 x 2160) or UHD (3048 x 2160) formats. They also brought their QVW-1708 6RU 17-inch full-resolution rackmountable desktop monitor to Las Vegas as the newest part of the company’s Quad Viewer series.

PANASONIC unveiled the BT-4LH310 LCD field monitor, a 31-inch 4096 x 2160 resolution 4K/2K display, ideal for live viewing in a video village or post production. The 4096 x 2160 IPS LCD panel on the BT-4LH310 provides native viewing of 4K DCI content, as well as UHD/ QFHD (3840 x 2160) by means of a slight matte crop.

PLANAR SYSTEMS debuted its EP-Series of commercial LCD monitors, including the 46-inch EP4650 and the 55-inch EP5550, each featuring energy-efficient design for 24/7 operation at 700 nits brightness with a 4,000:1 contrast ratio.

PLURA showcased its PHB-207-3G 7-inch and PHB-209-3G 9-inch portable LED monitors, each supporting 3Gbps input displays with advanced waveform/vector scopes and super narrow bezels. Plura also presented their new 55-inch LED super narrow bezel broadcast monitor, the DBM-155, loaded with advanced DBM Series features.

The DP7 line of LCD, OLED and High Bright monitors from SMALLHD now have real-time color grading capabilities by loading a LUT (Look Up Tables) on an SD card in the monitor. With a firmware upgrade due out soon, you will be able to color grade directly on the DP7 line in real time and transfer the desired look to either another monitor or an outboard system for final color correction.

SONY stood out with its latest line of TrimasterEL OLED evaluation monitors. Their “A” Series, including the BVME250A and BVM-E170A master reference displays, is designed for uncompromising cinema and broadcast applications; the BVM-F250A and BVM-F170A master monitors are intended for TV productions and broadcasting; and the cost-effective PVMA170 and PVM-A250 screens are geared toward a wide range of professional display applications.

An eye-stunning 4K LED video wall on display from TRANS-LUX caught many attendees’ eye with a potential light output of 3,000 nits, although it was only operating at 800 nits on the trade show floor. Capable 3840 x 2880 resolution, actually higher than UHD, from a 2 mm panel, this display signage entry may find a broadcast application as the backdrop for a news or entertainment anchor.

TVLOGIC debuted two field production monitors, two 24-inch broadcast models and two 4K screens. The VFM-058W viewfinder monitor (successor to the VFM-056WP) comes with a full complement of features, including DSLR Scale; the 24-inch LVM-245W QC-grade monitor comes with a high-purity precision RGB matrix LED backlight array; and the LUM-300A/550A comprise two new UHD/4K reference display monitors.

The new 6-inch CinemonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Enhanced from TRANSVIDEO boasts a 2,000 nits backlight system yet draws only about 19 Watts (1.6 Amps at 12 Volts). The monitor can be set in two operating modes either for outdoor or indoor viewing and benefits from its own anti-glare technology to reduce reflection and improve contrast.

WOHLER TECHNOLOGIES’ debuted the 17-inch RMT-173 video monitor, which supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, VGA and DVI; composite Y/C; and component video inputs. The RMT-173 is designed with an 8-bit 1920 x 1080 TFT/ LCD screen, 12-bit image processing, and balances scaling and interpolation to provide superb imaging regardless of video format.