MultiDyne introduces FS-6000 Fiber-Saver

MultiDyne has introduced the FS-6000 Fiber-Saver, a portable CWDM remapper/multiplexer that transports up to six digital optical or six SDI signals over a single fiber, allowing users to transport additional signals easily in situations where there are an insufficient amount of available fibers.

Using the FS-6000 Fiber-Saver, users can input any digital optical signal, with a data rate of up to 4.25Gb/s, to be received and retransmitted at a CWDM wavelength and launched into the CWDM multiplexer. At the other end of the link, the signal is then demultiplexed and restored, eliminating the need for wavelength-specific units in CWDM applications. By receiving and retransmitting the optical signal, the FS-6000 Fiber-Saver offers a fresh optical budget that can transmit signals over even longer distances. It can also easily combine up to six uncompressed 3Gb/s SDI signals onto a single fiber, ensuring a pristine signal through the use of built-in reclockers.

Used as a stand-alone device or rackmounted with up to three units per 1RU, the FS-6000 Fiber-Saver provides optimized fiber delivery in both permanent infrastructures and remote venues — all from a small, portable footprint. The flexible unit can be integrated with any fiber-optic broadcast equipment and works with any digital optical signal, including older multimode systems and MADI audio signals, extending the life of legacy fiber equipment.