MultiDyne debuts line of SD-SDI fiber-optic field transport systems

MultiDyne debuted its entry-level line of SD-SDI fiber-optic field transport systems — the SD-4100, SD-4200 and SD-4400.

In applications where fiber is no longer an option but a necessity, the SD-4100 one-channel fiber-optic transport system, SD-4200 two-channel fiber-optic transport system and SD-4400 four-channel fiber-optic transport system address the transport needs of productions transitioning from composite video-based systems to serial digital-based solutions, but do not yet require more advanced platforms.

The systems support rates of 19.2Mb/s to 270Mb/s, and are capable of operating over both multimode and single-mode fiber. The link distance for the SD-4100, SD-4200 and SD-4400 is up to 12.4mi at 270Mb/s for single-mode fiber. Each card equalizes the incoming SD-SDI stream, reclocks the signal and then transmits at 1310nms. The receiver card accepts four fiber-optic inputs and converts them to four electrical outputs, which are reclocked and line buffered.