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Motorola Mobility unveils Medios Xperience platform

Motorola Mobility has launched the Medios Xperience (opens in new tab) platform, part of the Medios multiscreen service management software suite.

The cloud-based applications platform allows service providers to merge video content with social networking, games and Web-based content and delivers greater interaction capabilities with broadcast television and VOD services.

Motorola's Medios Xperience platform delivers on viewers' desires for greater TV consumption flexibility across mobile devices. Consumers want to simultaneously engage with additional content and social networking sites while they watch TV.

Using the Motorola Medios Xperience platform, service providers can immediately deploy the following services:

  • TV and VOD remote — Transforms a companion device, such as a tablet, smart phone or laptop, into a remote control to browse the enhanced programming guide, choose a VOD or linear title, and launch it on their device or any TV in the home;
  • TV and VOD streaming — Uses a companion device to browse a VOD store or enhanced linear electronic program guide (EPG), search and discover content, and watch it on the device;
  • Enhanced user interface — Provides a rich and intuitive visual interface that improves search, navigation and discovery of content, such as movies and TV shows.