Mosart Medialab releases version 3.0

Mosart Medialab will attend the Hamburg Open on Jan. 26 and will showcase the most recent version of its newscast automation system at the event.

Organized by Studio Hamburg Media Consult International, the Hamburg Open invites specialists from the fields of broadcasting and media technology to give overviews of new products and solutions, and provides a wide variety of lectures and presentations.

Mosart version 3.0 includes a range of new features and functions that add to its capabilities, including a redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) with user-configurability. Story elements such as cameras, clips and graphics can easily be assigned to buttons allowing easy and quick access. Buttons can also be assigned to a range of interface overviews, making the GUI a shot box for touch-screens and adaptable for a variety of TV productions. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Mosart GUI, and Mosart operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request.

Further information on Mosart Medialab and its products is available at