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Monitors -- NAB Show 2012

Monitors vying to become the next critical evaluation displays to replace CRT's will have to contend with new AMOLED entries at the 2012 NAB Show. But the most exciting trend is the way increased display capabilities are being accompanied by decreases in cost.

Boland Communications SE Premium MonitorBoland Communications will bring a new "SE" series of premium monitors to the 2012 NAB Show. In addition to de-embedding audio and offering fully adjustable frame markers, this SE line will feature native 10-bit displays with 12-bit processing, dual 3G SDI inputs, waveform, vectorscope, and other scope overlays. The monitors are available in 24-, 26-, 32- and 47-inch models. Boland will also showcase its HDL 20 LED monitor, calibrated to SMPTE Rec 709.

The TLM-170H (desktop) and TLM-170 HM/TLM-170HR (rackmount) monitors from Datavideo are 17.3-inch, HD-SDI high-quality reference designs for program output monitoring during productions. With a resolution of 1600x900 and built-in speakers, they are intended both for field evaluation and in-studio editing.

Dolby Laboratories will be back with their 42-inch Grade 1 Dolby Professional Reference Monitor that now comes with Nucoda 3D LUT support, expanded interface for the MPAS' ACES workflow and additional high-frame rate capability. Dolby is also announcing a new field calibration service for their Professional Reference Monitors installed in studios and mix rooms.

Eizo Nanao Technologies will introduce the 27-inch ColorEdge CG275W, with 2560x1440 native resolution. Equipped with a built-in sensor for self calibration, the ColorEdge CG275W benefits from Eizo's patented technology that stabilizes the monitor's brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving mode, and its EcoView Sense feature conserves energy when the monitor is not in use.

Dolby Professional Reference MonitorFlanders Scientific is positioning its 24-inch flagship LM-2461W as an affordable reference grade monitor featuring a 10-bit panel, multiple color space modes including DCI P3, and standard 3Gbps SDI. Like all FSI monitors, it also comes with features like 12 scope displays, focus assist and audio disembedding. But the LM-2461W also boasts new adjustable onscreen alarm indications for illegal, or user specified, IRE levels.

Ikan's VK7 features a high brightness 7-inch 1024x600 LCD panel, HDMI, component and composite video input and output, clip guide with adjustable threshold, image mirror/flip, and DSLR scaling. Their D5 monitor has a 5.6-inch 1280x800 LCD screen and offers false color adjustable under/over luminance warning, and side-by-side freeze frame.

The new HLM-912WR 9-inch monitor from Ikegami features a high resolution LED-backlit LCD panel that is equally suited for rackmount or portable applications. The HLM-912WR can also serve as a large viewfinder for Ikegami portable cameras configured for studio use or for Ikegami "hard" HD cameras used for field production. The monitor joins the line-up of Ikegami-designed-and-built monitors, including the "50 series" Grade-One displays and the "04 Series" economical displays.

JVC will be adding 10 new models to its professional monitor line featuring both CCFL and LED back lighting. Their new DT-V21G11 is a 21-inch multiformat LED back-lit design that supports 3G, has dual-link HD-SDI, digital closed captioning, and features both waveform and vectorscope displays. Other models in JVC's expanded 2D professional monitor family include screens ranging from 7- to 24-inches, along with 3D displays in 24- and 32-inch sizes.

Eizo Nanao Technologies ColorEdge monitor

Flanders Scientific 24-inch Flagship Monitor
A new budget-priced monitor, the 17-inch V-LCD17H 3G-SDI/Dual HD-SDI display, will adorn the Marshall Electronics booth. Designed for indie productions or confidence monitoring, the V-LCD17H includes many high end features such as status display, false color filter, markers, freeze function, color temperature presets, RGB gain/bias adjust, pixel-to-pixel, blue gun, hard tally and user-definable function buttons.

Panasonic will highlight its 21.5-inch BT-L2150 and WXGA 15.4-inch BT-L1500, monitors, both offering Dual HD-SDI and HDMI inputs. The L2150 offers Full HD (1920x1080) resolution at a high 1000:1 contrast ratio, while the L1500 provides WXGA (1280x800) resolution at a 700:1 contrast ratio to deliver crisp, clear images. The LCD panels use an environmentally friendly LED backlight that contains no mercury and is designed for low-power consumption, and boast a high-speed response of less than two fields.

Panasonic 21.5-inch BT-L2150 Monitor

Plura PBM-209-3G Precision Broadcast LCD Monitor
Plura Broadcast will introduce the PBM-209-3G Plura Precision Broadcast LCD series of monitors with LED back lighting. They support 3 Gbps, 1080p/60 input as well as all other types of digital and analog video formats including RGB, component and composite signals, with advanced waveform and vectorscope displays with line select, VPID, IMD and many more.

Crowds at the Sony booth will be dazzled by their new PVM line of OLED models for use in editing, dailies review, graphics generation, and special effects. The monitors are available in three series: PVM-740 (7.4-inch), PVM-1741 (17-inch), and PVM-2541 (25-inch). Sony's flagship "step up" BVM F series designed for technical image evaluation, includes the BVM-F170 (17-inch) and BVM-F250 (25-inch), used for technical image evaluation. The BVM line offers a wider gamut display and follows the Digital Cinema Initiative recommendations for imaging. Sony will also show its BVM-E OLED display.

Wohler DVM-2443 MPEG Four-Screen Monitoring SystemSony has also refined its TRIMASTER lineup with its new EL (electro-luminescence) displays. This maximizes the full performance capabilities of professional flat-panel displays to deliver higher levels of color accuracy and color reproduction, precision imaging and consistent picture quality.

Transvideo's Cinemonitor 3DView S2 accepts 2 HD-SDI and 2 HMDI inputs and can up-convert the 2 HDMI inputs into 2 HD-SDI outputs, a very handy feature for HDMI camera users. The Synchronizer in the Cinemonitor 3DView S2 genlocks the two signals and the genlocked signals are available on the two processed outputs. Transvideo's Phasemeter displays pixels and lines phase information of the two signals before genlocking.

The XVM-325W 32-inch 1920x1080 10-bit "color-critical" monitor that will be a focus of TVLogic's exhibit, is a 10-bit RGB-LED backlit design with built-in 3D LUT and adjustable gamma with an LUT import/export function. The XVM-325W features multipoint calibration for RGB & white uniformity correction, external sync, a 1:1 pixel mapping mode (SD/HD), and waveform/vectorscope displays.

ViewZ will showcase their line of professional reference display monitors, including the VZ-070FM-3G, featuring 1024x600 resolution; VZ-240PM-3G, with 1920x1200 resolution; and the VZ-185PM-3G, featuring 2K input capability. All feature IPS LED backlight panels, de-imbedded audio level meters, motion and edge adaptive de-interlacing up to 1080p, and embedded SDI-HDMI & HDMI-SDI converters.

Wohler Technologies is bringing their new cost-effective DVM-2443 MPEG four-screen monitoring system to the show, offering advanced test and measurement features in a standalone 2RU configuration. The DVM-2443 MPEG video monitor incorporates four 4.3-inch 16:9 LED backlit displays for flexible and convenient at-a-glance monitoring of program content from MPEG-2/4 ASI streams as well as PID table metadata, waveform/vectorscope overlays, and audio level meters.